Custom business process in Bitrix24 to improve the work of a sewing company from Avivi

11 September 2023

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Ivan Bocharov


Ivan  Bocharov
Custom business process in Bitrix24 to improve the work of a sewing company from Avivi

We have already written a lot about various Bitrix24 customizations, but today we have a special story. Knowing it will be important for all business owners who use this product, but do not dare to make improvements or even think about such a possibility.

Does Bitrix24 always solve all owners' problems?

For almost ten years of experience working with the Bitrix24 product, we at Avivi quite often observe a similar situation among our customers: expectations from the active use of the software do not meet the results or only partially satisfy the needs of the company. Of course, this creates a negative attitude towards the product and resentment towards Bitrix24 Partners. But in most cases, the cause of these situations is a lack of understanding between customers and developers or customers' misconceptions about the system's operation.

Let's figure it out: the Bitrix24 business toolkit is designed to organize the work of an online company and has many useful tools. However, every business is unique and it is simply impossible to predict everything. At the very beginning of implementation, the software product never works the way you need it: for this, you need to make appropriate settings, add (or remove) some functions, conduct fundamental testing in real-time conditions, and only then Bitrix24 works the way you need it. Without the help of specialists, it will be just a good software product with unrealized potential.

It is another matter when integrators do not receive complete information about the work process in the company at the time of configuration, or customers do not consider it necessary to pay attention to certain features of the work. In this case, Bitrix24 exists and works, but employees continue to feel discomfort and waste time on monotonous tasks that could also be automated. In such cases, Avivi specialists always analyze the work process and provide customers with a list of tips for improvement, and most often in response we hear the question: "What, could it have been?"

Yes, it is possible and even necessary. Bitrix24 is really able to solve all the problems of its owners, but for this integrators need:

  • Know all the components of the production process;

  • Understand what exactly employees should do at each of the stages;
  • Make the necessary settings, and in the absence of the required standard functionality, install the application or develop additional components.

Decision prerequisites for a tailoring company

A recent successfully completed task for Avivi's customers is a living example of the situation described above. Our company has been cooperating with the tailoring company for a long time in many directions: technical support for the online store, integration and custom development for Bitrix24 on-premise and many other IT tasks. At one time, we adjusted the work with CRM in accordance with the technical task and to this day everything works as it should. However, during the mandatory control collection of enterprise analytics, which is necessary to understand the effectiveness of the product, specialists noticed a decrease in productivity at one of the stages of the work process. It turned out to be a stage related to the transfer of drawings of future products to the sewing shop. We asked the owners what is happening at this stage and what is the reason for the delays. The result stunned us.

As it turned out, this stage was a "bottleneck" of production for a long time. Without delving into all the details, the manager had to pass on the information regarding the received orders. For this, the employee checked each agreement, wrote the names of the ordered products, models and number of units in a text document. The generated table was printed on an office printer and a sheet of paper was sent to production. Already another employee studied the received information and started the cutting process according to the visual example. As you may have guessed, this is an extremely long and tiring process, where the human factor plays a big role. So when we proposed a solution to Bitrix24, we got a familiar question: "What, was it possible?"

What was changed and how it affected production

The starting point for the decision was the stage "In disclosure" — it was here that the manager began to work with calculations. The agreement remained in this stage for a long time, while the table was prepared, sheets were printed on the printer, and information was exchanged between employees. Deals here were collected in a long chain, so the stage in terms of the number of cards was almost the longest in the entire CRM.

The main parameters for orders are model, size and quantity. These data affect the amount of required material, which is a constant value for each model. When placing an order in the online store, the information is added to the transaction card automatically; when the operator creates an order — the data is entered by a person from the list of Products in CRM. Thus, Avivi developers had absolutely everything to improve production.


We have created a new custom business process, the trigger for which is the movement of the deal card to the "In disclosure" stage. The system passes the parameters to build a table similar to the one that the employee made manually, but supplemented with other important fields. To display the table in Bitrix24, a separate page was created and an item “Cutting of products” of the Left menu was added for employees to quickly go to the table.

The table is formed dynamically, according to how new Deal cards enter the stage. The possibility of sorting items and grouping products in the order of their identity has been implemented. If necessary, employees can review the table for as long as they want, and at the right moment format and finalize the document for the cutting shop in the right way. At this moment, Bitrix24 creates a PDF file with a table containing all currently available orders. The file receives a unique number consisting of the time and date of its creation and is stored in the system for reporting and reconciliation. It can be printed on a printer, as established in the company, or viewed from a computer screen. In fact, Avivi's solution freed the company's business processes from "paper dependence".

Let's summarize

Bitrix24 is a powerful online platform for any company. However, for the best organization of business processes, the system must be configured accordingly. Due to the flexibility and possibility of changes, it is possible to create an unlimited number of additions and improvements for Bitrix24. According to preliminary estimates, the customization described above increased the company's efficiency by 7%-9%. To put it in "human" language, now the stage "To cutting" from the longest in CRM has turned into the shortest, since at least once a day it is completely cleared of the accumulation of Agreement cards after the formation of tasks for the cutting shop for the next shift. It took about 50 hours of work by Avivi developers to solve the long-standing problem, which is nothing compared to the discomfort that the company and employees felt before the project began. Experienced Avivi employees will gladly analyze your business and will definitely find "bottlenecks" to improve and increase your company's profits.

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