The custom translate of Bitrix24 to any language of the world

Avivi developers have successfully implemented a project to fully translate on-premise Bitrix24 to Italian. A similar procedure is technically possible for any other language in the world. Of course, since such a translation is a custom modification, there are peculiarities here, and we talked about it in detail in this article.

Calculation of worked days and fix of one more feature of Bitrix24 from Avivi

If you personally or an HR need a notification about a certain number of days worked by a new employee, such a function in Bitrix24, at first glance, can be easily configured by yourself. But in reality, the administrator will not be able to do this, since the system has certain features. The Avivi team has completed a similar task and is happy to share their experience in this article.

"Сonfirmed by a signature" — custom digital signing of documents in Bitrix24

The digital signature of documents is becoming an everyday phenomenon and is legally no different from a real stroke of a pen in a document. It is natural that the use of digital signatures can also be applied to Bitrix24. In this article, we will talk about a ready-made case of creating a functionality for the electronic confirmation of documents of one of Aviva's clients. Of course, we can create our own functionality of a similar direction just for you.

Automation of work with forms in Bitrix24 CRM by Avivi

Many business processes in companies involve sending commercial offers to their customers for approval. Sometimes it is so unique and individual that it needs additional implementation, as happened with our regular customers from Canada. Now they use Bitrix24 form filling automation instead of manual input and a third-party PDF document generator. Details of the task are disclosed in this article.

Why the Module for the on-premise Bitrix24 is better than the rest of the "tricks"

The on-premise Bitrix24 allows inclusion in the system additional elements that solve specific tasks and expand functionality. The SMTP module is developed specifically to solve the problem of connecting your own mailboxes, so it has advantages over other possible methods. In this article, we will show why the module is always more effective and profitable for Portal owners.

Custom integration for Bitrix24 with Lexoffice from Avivi

Integrations are one of the key capabilities of Bitrix24, which is why the product is appreciated all over the world. It is not always possible to find integration with the service required by the client among ready-made solutions. This is exactly what happened with Lexoffice, but the Avivi team created the integration that the customer from Europe needed. In this article, we will tell you what are the features of this project.

Avivi's Bitrix24 SMTP module turned 2: the number of customers we helped and the things we've learned

One of the best Avivi company's solutions which is successfully sold around the world — the customized SMTP module to solve the issues with emailing in the Bitrix24 box edition. We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the module and the reason that might create obstacles in its installation process.

Implementation of Bitrix24 for modern logistical solutions

We enjoy sharing information on the Bitrix24 introduction projects realized by Avivi's team. This time we are happy to share a case where Bitrix24 has been selected as the main tool for the Vector Logistics logistical company.

The development of the customized functionality to structure files in Bitrix24 Tasks

What should I do if I need to store files specifically in Tasks and not in the comments section? Clients from Italy addressed Avivi with such issues, and very soon received a completed customization which allows them to do exactly what they need. This article features the solution to a specific issue and will provide reassurance that professional developers can do everything.

Simple duplicates elimination for Bitrix24 CRM

If you're nervous about the constant duplication of different entities in the CRM - this article is exactly what you need. Avivi has developed a new add-on for Bitrix24, which will quickly bring order to entities and eliminate repetitive ones. The functionality is very easy to use and more efficient than the in-house duplicates management tool. 

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