Avivi's custom MLM structure component for Bitrix24

21 August 2023

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Ivan Bocharov


Ivan Bocharov
Avivi's custom MLM structure component for Bitrix24

The multi-level structure is a globally adopted concept in businesses. Its essence is widely understood: employees who recruit and onboard new members into the business receive a percentage of their sales as a network bonus. The specifics are adaptable: the number of individuals in the initial tier, the percentage granted to higher-level employees—these are all customizable details catering to individual businesses. The vital aspect is to possess a tool facilitating the construction and visualization of such a structure. Unfortunately, despite Bitrix24's extensive toolkit, this specific functionality has been lacking. However, this gap has been addressed by the Avivi team's ingenious custom development. Precursors to the Solution One of Avivi's clients from the United States operates an on-premise Bitrix24 setup and requires a multi-level organizational structure. The standard features fall short of fulfilling this need adequately. Although in theory, a hierarchical model could be crafted within the "Company" section, it's not a practical solution due to a range of challenges:

  • The entire structure would necessitate manual setup, demanding the creation of new branches for each employee.

  • Individual access rights would need separate configuration for each department.

  • Such a setup could merely offer a visual representation of employee positions, incapable of executing calculations such as determining percentages from concluded agreements for employees within the structure. 

Our clients were staunchly against solving this issue through Bitrix24 applications, and their stance is justified. Each new application from Bitrix24.Market entails added costs and enhances dependence on third-party solutions. After all, these applications are developed by independent entities, capable of altering usage terms or discontinuing them at their discretion. As a result, a comprehensive technical specification was crafted, minutely detailing the required tool and its functions. Avivi specialists undertook the design, layout, and backend development integrated into Bitrix24. 

Solution features and Capabilities 

On this occasion, specialized modules or applications weren't developed; the client's task was achieved through a new custom Bitrix24 component. This component doesn't affect the core software, thus maintaining functionality post on-premise Bitrix24 updates. Moreover, standard methods are utilized within the component, enhancing interaction with the existing software. Yet, if the vendor modifies primary methods, corresponding adjustments would be required in the custom component. Avivi guarantees six months of support for all software products produced by their team, ensuring comprehensive assistance during this period. The Bitrix24 electronic library lacks visual elements fully suited for the custom component's interface, prompting our team to create a distinct visual element. The interface closely adheres to Bitrix24 standards, enhancing usability for employees of the client's company.

image 3.png

For users, the MLM structure takes the form of a branching tree. Unlike certain custom applications, structure viewing is feasible via a mobile device browser. Accessible through a link in the left menu, the user is directed to a dedicated Bitrix24 page (not a slider window). Access to the functionality entails joining a designated closed group within the Bitrix24 Corporate Portal. Depending on access rights determined by the group administrator, the user can perceive the portion of the structure corresponding to their role within the company. Typically, this encompasses one's own position, individuals within one's first-line network, and the first line of those individuals (2 levels down).

image 6.png

As per the specification, the user's block showcases first and last names, along with a photo from their Bitrix24 working profile, alongside photos of the first two individuals from the lower level. This pertains to a unique case, adaptable for other clients. Importantly, there is no constraint on first-line employees; as many individuals as needed can occupy this tier. A horizontal scroll bar facilitates navigation: on desktop browser windows, a mouse enables scrolling, while smartphones merely require a swipe.

image 2.png

Administrators, endowed with full rights, possess a comprehensive overview of the entire structure, users, and financial figures. The user's current balance, inclusive of interest accruals, is displayed. Evidently, Avivi's solution interface is optimally simplistic and user-friendly. It addresses average user needs—precisely comprehending their position in the structure, observing the hierarchy of engaged individuals, and the distribution of earned funds. Several additional functions are at the disposal of administrators, which we shall elaborate upon subsequently.

image 1.png

Management Tools for the Custom MLM Component 

Component administration is facilitated through the Bitrix24 on-premise administrative panel. Here, administrators can introduce new employees and manage the structure. The process is remarkably straightforward: a custom "Mentor" field is created for each user, requiring selection of their senior counterpart. That's the entire process.

image 5.png

The second section of the control panel reveals interest rates corresponding to each level. As depicted in the screenshot, the client's structure encompasses three levels at present:

  • In the first tier, the user receives 30% of concluded agreement amounts.

  • Their mentor receives 15%.

  • The mentor's mentor, i.e., the individual two tiers above, receives 5% of the deal value. This way, half of the transaction value circulates back into the network. Participants at other levels receive no share.

image 4.png

Administrators can incorporate or eliminate MLM levels, assigning percentages within logical bounds (i.e., not exceeding 100% of transaction amounts). The system autonomously performs calculations, recording results within the highload block. Hence, barring entries in the "tree" itself, all figures are accessible within the system's table.

image 7.png

Employee agreement closure serves as the trigger for computations. Upon clicking "Deal Won," an algorithm is initiated to distribute percentages, verifying employee and mentor statuses, and automatically updating information in the highload block and the interface component.


Avivi has introduced the next essential development for organizing MLM structures in your enterprise. Our custom component functions seamlessly across all editions of Bitrix24 on-premise. These advancements reduce the lead time for custom development in other client cases. The crucial aspect is that the structure-building mechanism has been established, with interface, percentages, and computations tailored to individual requirements. We're eager to delve deeper into our solution and Avivi's services during personalized conversations. Arrange a free consultation through the "Contacts" section or reach out to us at hello@avivi.pro.

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