Enterprises Have Comfortably Streamlined Their Services with Avivi’s CEO Alexey Kovbasiuk Business Acumen

And again, they started talking about our company internationally! This time, a popular resource Goodfirms published its version of an interview with  Avivi`s CEO Alexey Kovbasiuk. 

Avivi Is Named the Top Ukranian B2B Company by

2020 began with a very pleasant and important news for our company. Popular and authoritative resource С named Avivi as one of the leading IT companies in Ukraine, operating in the international market.

Avivi: Thank You All! Now, Back to Work

It was on December 12, 2007, that Avivi became a company destined to take the global lead in customer relationship management (CRM) systems and their customized functionalities. What does the zodiac circle have to do with all of this? Keep reading!

Avivi Has Captured 45% of the Global Market

Before embarking on their journeys, companies set their goals and priorities. For Avivi, developing international markets has always been a strategic goal. So, when we assessed our intermediate performance results after five years in business, we really wanted to know in which countries our clients resided. And the results have turned out to be impressive.

“Sydney”, goodbye, — welcome, “Dubai”! Bitrix24 update

What many have been waiting for almost half a year has been accomplished — the Bitrix24 team presented new updates that will soon begin to appear in user portals. Long before that, they were called “fiery” or “hot.” And it’s not for nothing because the innovations really forced to unwittingly applaud the participants of the presentation (and the audience of the online broadcast). We have prepared a laconic overview of more than the hourly presentation of the version of Bitrix24.Dubai.

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