Avivi: Thank You All! Now, Back to Work

19 December 2019

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Vyacheslav Askerov


Vyacheslav Askerov
Avivi: Thank You All! Now, Back to Work

Today, Avivi celebrates its 12th anniversary. The number “12” is kind of special: it’s both the months in a year and the zodiac signs. I don’t really believe in horoscopes, and I have turned around all kinds of fortune-tellers claiming to read from the ecliptic. However, from an astrological point of view, one could say that our company, since its inception, has gone around the entire zodiac cycle, without any evil planet getting on its way.

We tend to overestimate our short-term performances and underestimate what we are capable of over a longer period of time. Twelve years ago, I had no idea about what an ordinary desire to have my own company would grow into. It was more like “do it at your own peril and risk.” After all, business, like life, although calculated and planned down to the last detail, cannot fully prepare for another new day that may radically change absolutely everything. It’s challenging, of course, but it's fun, nonetheless!

And now, I would like to thank everyone who has been part of Avivi’s overall history, and especially those who are still part of the team now, building our future together. A special word of thanks is also due to those who were there for us in the beginning, who helped with the company's name and incorporation. This is important, because the current bureaucracy is simply incomparable in its simplicity with the bureaucracy of that time, when the desire to have one’s own business could have easily ended at the stage of document preparation.

Avivi was once a one man’s company—mine, that is. Over time, likeminded people joined the business, and now we’ve got a big friendly team and several international offices. Today, Avivi is: the most serious C.E.O., the most responsible PMs, the most dexterous Sales, the most talented HR, the smartest Accountant, the most creative Marketers, and the most professional Devs.

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I am especially grateful, however, to my business partner Ivan Bocharov. With him, the company has dramatically changed its format and found a niche in the global market where it has achieved real success and recognition—and has done plenty good and made a lot of money to our customers. This would not have been possible without the diligent work of our team and the product of our company. And finally, one more thank-you from Avivi to Bitrix24 for the cooperation, support, and a wonderful set of business development tools. We focus only on the best, and this is one of the world’s ten top CRMs for a reason. 

As I said, I do not believe in horoscopes. But I believe in people, their strengths, abilities, and aspirations. As Avivi's cofounder, I am proud of our team, our achievements, and our high hopes and goals for the future. I congratulate everyone on the 12th anniversary of our company and wish all a healthy, creative, successful, and balanced year that only CRM can provide in business!

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