“Sydney”, goodbye, — welcome, “Dubai”! Bitrix24 update

8 April 2019

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida


Vyacheslav Nahnybida
“Sydney”, goodbye, — welcome, “Dubai”! Bitrix24 update

To begin with, we would like to note that according to the latest data in the world there are already more than 5,000,000 active Bitrix24 portals. They are supported by more than 500 data centers in different parts of the Earth and there are 18 language localizations. The development of the service is taking place at a very fast pace and the only drawback in this process is the heavy burden on the development company. So, the technical support is carried out by more than 60 people in 8 different languages. Unfortunately, support in chats for free using in such conditions had to be turned off. After a brief statistical excursion, Sergey Ryzhikov and Dmitriy Suslov began a massive art-firing of the audience with the Bitrix24 novelties. The traditional intrigue with the name of the version could not be preserved — the hot and functional Dubai came to replace Sydney.

Mobile application

The updated mobile application was presented at first. Indeed, its presence always gave odds to Bitrix24 in front of non-application products. But since the last presentation we were given to understand that it is mobile technologies that will determine the vector of product development for the convenience and accessibility of using it. So, what's new?

  • Inviting of employees via SMS. This is a very fast way to get a user to the portal without even asking for email. Saves time, reduces the possibility of making a mistake and in general is very convenient.

  • Updated list of mobile tasks. Now the using of them will be even more convenient with the use of gadgets. In addition, when creating a mobile task, users themselves now indicate which fields should be displayed in mobile tasks, and which fields are not needed at all.

  • Selection of the main tool in mobile tasks. Now the system itself will tell you what of the functionality you need to use in your business to achieve maximum success.

  • Updated checklist in tasks. Now it’s not just a set of checkboxes: you can support employees and upload images to them! In addition, in one task there can now be several checklists, which are controlled separately.

  • Significantly improved mobile projects, all changes occur in real time.

  • Operation of mobile chat is improved. Also, the possibility of voice messages appeared. This function, according to Sergey Ryzhikov, the ideological mastermind of Bitrix24, was proposed by customers as an opportunity to transfer emotions.

Mob tasks.png


  • The version of "Dubai" has the opportunity to reduce the volume of the interface! It is meant to hide many important, but cumbersome elements of kanban. It is necessary to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for daily work.

  • The hints in the interface have appeared for the new users. This is the so-called “Quick Start”, when users will see short instructions, where to click and what it is. But the function can be useful not only for beginners - even experienced users, unexpectedly for themselves, will be able to learn something new.

  • Mood. 40 more themes and backgrounds for creating positive emotions for portal’s users have appeared in the new version.

  • The “New Profile” will help to really emphasize the individuality of the employee. Now, a person’s profile can be called up almost anywhere in the portal and quickly view both basic data and calendar schedule (with administrator rights) in one window. Employees will be able to find loved ones in the spirit of their colleagues, tagging common interests. All the badges, awards and thanks are added to the updated profile.

New profile.png

  • Working time is one of the first functional features that were incorporated in Bitrix24. The new version offers 4 scenarios of working time distribution:

  1. Shift work. You can configure up to 6 shifts in one day. Individually adjusted where, how and when a person starts and ends work. The position coordinate is also taken into account, if you keep track of time from a mobile device.

  2. Hourly scenario. It’s ideal for contractors.

  3. Fixed schedule. This is what we have now.

  4. Mixed version.

  • Now work schedules are integrated with documents that can be printed or exchanged electronically. It is possible to start and finish work in any scenario using the employee's face scan.

  • Bitrix24.The calendar is also significantly improved for easy reference and planning.

  • Bitrix24.Disk. More and more terabytes are being uploaded to Bitrix24 virtual disks daily. Therefore, the developers have altered some algorithms, in particular - viewing the content. This allows you to see a preview of files of different formats. And the search for content is now done not only by headers, but also by file content.

  • Desktop Explorer 8.0. - if in short, here is a completely new engine.

Projects and tasks

  • Efficiency. The functionality is improved, the moments that made this tool accurate and stable are fixed.

  • Robots in tasks continue to evolve. Now they are able to provide a reliable bond with CRM, to automate different processes of the same type.

  • Bitrix24.Assistant. Voice interface for helpers "Alice" and “Google Assistant” allows you to perform many commands for Bitrix24. On the air, viewers were shown how an assistant creates tasks and it looked impressive. In any case, this option should be tried, not described.

Contact Center

The “Sydney” Update Contact Center has evolved into a separate, important element of any Bitrix24 portal. He has already “swallowed” the “Open Channels”, which will no longer appear in the left menu, and also continues to collect new channels of communication with customers. The innovations in the of “Dubai” version are:

  • Updated telephony with the ability to manage a group of numbers. Now users of telephone exchange from Bitrix24 are more than 15,000 customers and demand continues to grow.

  • Call tracking. A very handy feature to help your marketing campaigns. The tool helps to track calls and show the right phone numbers to the right customers. This is convenient for offline events, and you can connect almost any telecom operator.

  • Online chat according to the Bitrix24 team is the most popular channel of communication with customers. Chat debugging is over and now it works stably on all devices.

  • Different messengers and other popular communication channels were separately talked about. In the new version, the mechanism for creating of “Transactions” from comments in social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, is widely used.

contact center.png


Without exaggeration, it’s the most awaited block in the presentation. The Bitrix24 team has promised to devote the next six months to completing all the CRM plans. But even now, the functionality has been enriched with very useful options:

  • “Fast deals” from “Sydney” fully justified themselves! More and more users are practicing quick deals (without “Lead”), so their setup has become more flexible. Now you can immediately select the fields that are needed and help you quickly enter the data.

  • In CRM kanban, you can customize the display of individual desired fields in CRM kanban. This saves time of work and allows you not to constantly enter the transaction card.

  • The search for filters inside the timeline has appeared. Filters now have the opportunity of configuration and saving of presets.

  • New robots and triggers were put into operation, about their possibilities you were never told.

  • Basket in CRM. Very important place from which you can recover deleted data. Yes, it is exactly this wording that describes the purpose of the basket more precisely, since all users have the right to send data to it, but only administrators can take the necessary information back.

  • Documents inside CRM. Since the appearance of the document generator a lot of things have changed. Now it is a powerful and flexible functionality that provides workflow inside and outside the company. In CRM, we added the ability to print documents, send them by e-mail or to chats, enter access rights, and add the ability to add custom fields. Also in the CRM documents appeared the same mysterious robots.

  • “Leadless” mode. This is a special opportunity to combine transactions that were created with or without the participation of leads.

  • “Smart call” is a voice control. It’s a very interesting feature, the capabilities of which are also shown in real time. The voice robot can be installed at a certain stage of the transaction. The program itself calls the client, asks questions and responds to control words, such as “Good.” Depending on the respondent's answers, the robot changes the status of the transaction. The script of the behavior of the robot is edited in visual mode.


  • Chat bots in CRM. It looks like a “Smart call”, but in the text version in chat rooms.

CRM surprises

    • “CRM Tunnels”. This is a fantastic functionality for breaking the company's business processes into different funnels with accompanying automation. In a simple way it means a lead or a deal from a certain stage can be shipped to another funnel!

    • The updated design of CRM marketing was presented on the slide, however, due to the update, they will enter a little later.

  • The CRM-analytics will work fully in the “Dubai”. Previously, this was not possible through the “pitfalls” that the developers found during its implementation in the “Sydney” version. However, there will be certain limits for different tariff plans in analytics.

  • The same is “End-to-End analytics”. Broadcast viewers could see a master class on working with this tool, which can now take into account offline campaigns and calculate ROI.

  • And “Backoffice 1C” deserves special attention, which will greatly simplify the integration of the two platforms.


The team of Bitrix24 did not hide their joy: the functionality of the sites received the perfect positioning. Created sites really help to sell and, as proof, - 133,000 different sites in the world, which bring real income to their owners.

  • Now you have the possibility to change static content on sites! “News feed” is a tool that allows you to insert on the site a block from the messages of the live tape of the group to which it is attached. It’s simple and very effective!

  • The rights of access to sites were added in the paid tariffs.

  • It became possible to transfer sites between different portals and Bitrix24 editions. We just transfer sites between different portals.

  • We have increased the speed of sites, according to the standards from Google.

Sales center

And finally. Because of this functional many had theirs jaws dropped. “Sales Center” allows to customers to buy your products/services directly in chat rooms! You can send the prepared offers to your customers directly during the conversation and for purchase it will be enough to simply confirm with the “Buy” button. A variety of payment systems connect n the “Sales Center”.


Well, here it is, if speak very, very short. It was a really fiery and hot presentation, after which there is a feeling of pride for involvement in Bitrix24 and the slight thrill of expectations of new features.

Stay with Bitrix24 and Avivi and soon you will be able to earn much more!


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