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Why are Telegram bots superior?

Current business requires effective and quick solutions. Not long ago, companies invested huge amounts of money in the development of mobile applications for their business: it was mainstream, in order to ensure deep contact with the client. However, any kind of problem is of value for your users: development, encouragement, updating... And also marketing, the result of which may be the installation of your device on the client’s gadget and its popularity among the dozens and hundreds of others. It's complicated, isn't it?

But the other one on the right is a Telegram bot, which has a very low advantage over any custom mobile app. Everything that your client needs, the mother of Telegram, which with every fatality is getting more and more merchants all over the world. Please, Avivi's distributors, the telegram bot created by you will be able to select any functions that are available on your company's website or mobile phone. There is no need to update the regular support - most of these functions are installed by Telegram itself. Splitting, sales, access to a special account, file sharing and much more - all this involves working with a current Telegram bot and you will need to make such decisions in the IT structure of your business!

Just take a look

Bot`s features

Quick start
Quick start

To launch a Telegram bot it takes less than an hour, less for any other IT development.

Easy access
Easy access

The bot is available 365/24/7 in Telegram on gadgets and web versions from anywhere in the world.


Development in Python provides higher performance and better fault tolerance of the bot's backend.

User friendly
User friendly

The bot uses a well-thought-out Telegram interface that is understandable to all its users.


Additions to the functionality of the custom bot are practically not limited - only by the policy of Telegram itself.


Telegram bot can be easily integrated with any other IT resource via API.

Why should you order the Telegram bot?

According to all forecasts, the penetration of Telegram on the world market will only grow, and the functionality will become even more perfect. This service already has functionality for organizing full-fledged online stores, its own TON blockchain and the cryptocurrency of the same name, and unlimited opportunities for the development of promising business tools. Telegram APIs allow integration with any other platform, and data security is ensured by multi-level encryption. Choosing Telegram today is a guarantee of further growth and development of your online business. In addition, it does not require any additional costs and payments.

5 steps to using your own Telegram bot

  1. Acquaintance, training and analytics
    At the first consultation, you talk about the project or fill out a brief. We analyze your needs, compare the possibilities and formulate an offer.
  2. Terms of reference
    After approval of the working documentation of the project, we will sign a contract with you, which will be the basis of further cooperation. After that, our business experts start designing.
  3. Prototyping
    One of the biggest advantages of developing a bot is that the customer sees the result on an interactive prototype in Figma. At this stage, it is convenient to improve the capabilities of the future solution.
  4. Development and integration
    Avivi specialists develop the backend of a custom bot. We work according to the Agile method in close cooperation with the customer.
  5. Support
    That's it — you have a working Telegram bot with a convenient control panel. Now our team works only to support the solution or scale the backend, add new features or integrations.

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