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What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 is a powerful open source eCommerce platform from world-renowned vendor Adobe Company. According to statistics, every third online store in the world operates on Magento 2, which currently occupies 30% of the market in its segment. The platform is easy to use, extremely flexible in terms of development and optimization, which is why the product is loved by both mega-corporations and small and medium-sized businesses. Avivi developers will help you implement all the business ideas you need with Magento 2!

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Magento 2 features

Product Browsing
Product Browsing

Magento helps to present any product on your site in the most attractive way for buyers. There are already tools for enlarging and reducing images, various thumbnails. All this is based on the experience of numerous sales through the platform.

Analytics and Reporting
Analytics and Reporting

Accuracy of reports is the key to success in commerce. Magento works with Google Analytics and offers 10+ ready-made own reports

Customer Accounts
Customer Accounts

Customer accounts are ready to use and contain a lot of important information, such as order history, multiple delivery addresses, billing options, etc.

Payment and Shipping
Payment and Shipping

Getting money from the buyer is the main goal of commerce. Magento supports the integration of various payment systems, connection modules and has complete SSL security

Site Management
Site Management

You no longer need to turn to developers every time to create new pages of your own site. CMS. And most importantly - Magento immediately takes into account all the necessary parameters for mobile devices, as 60% of customers buy from gadgets.

Search Engine Optinization
Search Engine Optinization

In the constant struggle for speed and optimization, Magento will become your reliable ally. The platform is not only compatible with many search engines, but also requires far fewer scripts to work productively.

Catalog Management
Catalog Management

Proper directory building improves conversion and Magento provides many features to manage it. You can easily add different product properties, select a demo, edit or delete reviews, adjust dynamic pricing, and more.

Order Management
Order Management

The platform does not seek to take over the functions of CRM, but has the most valuable qualities of such systems: creating, distributing and processing orders with status, saving, working with documents and more

Marketing and Pronotion Tools
Marketing and Pronotion Tools

With Magento you get the whole arsenal of marketing tools, resale and cross-selling, management of various promotions and advertising prices, mailings, etc.

Why would Magento 2 be the best choice?

Magento 2 already has most of the modules your business needs. So you do not need to spend time and money on individual development, debugging and implementation. The main task of Avivi specialists will be to select the necessary elements in a single city, to adjust them qualitatively and to teach your employees to use them. If you still need specialized functionality — we will create it quickly and efficiently.

5 steps to online store readiness

  1. Acquaintance, training and analytics
    At the first consultation, you talk about the project or fill out a brief. We analyze your needs, select the necessary Magento 2 package and all the necessary plug-ins. We evaluate individual development, timing and cost.
  2. Terms of reference and design
    After approval of the working documentation of the project, we sign an agreement with you, which will be the basis for further cooperation. After that, our developers start working with the visual part, the selected template and UI / UX layout.
  3. Development
    Now is the time for the most important and responsible stage for our company - the acquisition and installation of CMS and direct programming. Here we add and configure selected modules and add all the necessary individual ribbons of code to best promote your business.
  4. Testing and training
    Before submitting a project, we check how stable, correct and fast each of its components works. When everything is ready - we present the finished product and teach your employees to use it.
  5. Support
    Your project is completely ready, but for stable work, timely updates and elimination of possible breakdowns, it needs qualified support. Avivi offers several support options, so you can choose the one you need!

Magento 2 is chosen by

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola
Ford Ford
Lego Lego
Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard
Nike Nike
Samsung Samsung
Adidas Adidas
Nestlé Nestlé
Liverpool F.C. Liverpool F.C.
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