Avivi received its 10th positive review on Clutch.co

3 June 2021

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida

PR Manager

Vyacheslav Nahnybida
Avivi received its 10th positive review on Clutch.co

Customer reviews are important for any company: it is both an indicator of success and a kind of signal to other people, whose choice often depends on them. Today you can leave your feedback in several ways: write directly on the site of the seller or entrepreneur, express your opinion on social networks or Google-business. There are also specialized resources for representatives of various business areas, where they post profiles of their companies and wait for positive feedback from grateful customers. But this doesn't always happen, and even one negative review can permanently ruin the company's reputation. That's why you need to work hard for reviews.


Reviews that all IT companies dream of

One of the most authoritative resources for IT company reviews has been and remains North American Clutch.co. Companies from all over the world update the site's database every day, as reviews here are relevant to all corners of the globe. Many agencies also provide profile placement services and oversee promotion, as being published on this site can significantly affect a company's image. And global users easily check the reputation of potential contractors just by looking at reviews. If your IT company is not on Clutch.co, it will simply be almost impossible to get a good client.

The main advantages of this resource are:

·       The information is always in the public domain, use of the site is free for both hosted companies and those seeking services;

·       Reviews describe a real customer experience: everything that appears on the site is moderated when Clutch.co employees interview reviewers. In this way they intercept hidden advertising or obvious spiteful individuals who seek to harm;

·       The information is objective and not dependent on the company. A negative review will not be removed on request or even requested just because it is negative.

So, reviews on Сlutch.co mean a lot to an IT company. And if their reputation and professionalism are at the highest level - no doubt, for the best.

The culmination of a successful project

Of course, not every IT project gets a review, especially on the implementation of business tools, like Bitrix24. There are both subjective and objective factors for this:

·       Many entrepreneurs hide the technologies they implement to promote their business over their competitors. And rightly so, because the business really works better with Bitrix24;

·       Not everyone likes to communicate with representatives of rating companies. In the case of Clutch.co, this is a mandatory procedure, and it is simply impossible to force the customer to leave a review;

·       CRM implementation projects can be stretched over time and last for as long as the client will need to build the business of their dreams.


That's why every public review in the narrow direction of Bitrix24 implementation or customization is like a Christmas morning for us. For eight years of active and fruitful work and hundreds of completed projects, ten customers have come to leave reviews on Clutch.co. It is acceptable for them to tell the world their little business secrets and thank the IT company that assisted them in this.

We expect our customers to continue to be accepting in terms of objective evaluation of our team's work. From the reviews on Clutch.co, people all over the world will know our achievements in CRM development in the construction industry, travel agencies, rehabilitation center and real estate agents - real reviews from real customers who chose us as their Bitrix24 integrator. And they weren't wrong.

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