Enterprises Have Comfortably Streamlined Their Services with Avivi’s CEO Alexey Kovbasiuk Business Acumen

16 April 2020

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Anna Stark

GoodFirms Content Writer

Anna Stark
Enterprises Have Comfortably Streamlined Their Services with Avivi’s CEO Alexey Kovbasiuk Business Acumen

Avivi is a Bitrix24 Integration Company based in Ukraine. The company was founded in the year 2011. The firm mainly focuses on creating and customizing Bitrix24 modules and components. Their CEO, Alexey Kovbasiuk, works in firm to assist businesses to bridge their technological divides. Their objectives as a team have evolved over time, and their primary focus right now is empowering clients to have proper control over their business and realize more efficiency. They have helped businesses achieve this by integrating workflow optimization tools in their operational setup and providing proper training to regulate the same.


As a CEO, Alexey not only ensures that the internal operations are co-ordinated, but also that the constitution of the team corresponds to the current market needs while governing the cost and quality of the delivered products. The firm’s clientele spans over 27 countries across the world. Over the years, they have catered to businesses from many different industries such as education, healthcare institutions, real estate, banking, and logistics amongst various others while also serving to start-ups and small privately-owned companies or even individuals. Working through non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with the capability of leading several projects at a time, the firm has carved a niche for itself based on extensive experience under the leadership of its CEO.

In a rendezvous with GoodFirms, Alexey Kovbasiuk talked about his firm, his role as the CEO, and what difference his firm makes for businesses in achieving their goals. Worded, as follows, is a brief extract from the conversation with the dynamic CEO.

Services That Help Businesses Run Smooth as Velvet:

Questioning about his team, Alexey revealed that his unit is one of the biggest team of developers in the Bitrix24/Bitrix CMS market comprising of 35 exclusive in-house specialists. Through the years in the industry, Alexey and his team at Avivi, having catered to numerous diversified projects varying in their needs, have managed to assemble a multitude of assorted custom applications and modules that are readily available for imminent purchase. His company offers a tailored client-oriented experience along with a swift delivery while processing customer requests as their value proposition in a world where ‘time is of the essence’ in the CEO's own words.

Through their years of experience in this field, Avivi is proficient in working with Bitrix CMS and Bitrix24 platform and is also a certified Gold Partner of Bitrix. When asked about the cost deciding factors, Alexey promptly replied that it rests solely on the client request as they offer many types of services for purchase. If the client’s requirement fully reflects an available solution by Bitrix Inc., then it becomes a very straightforward request. However, if customization becomes essential, then the corresponding attributes depend upon the complexity and the volume of the work requested.

While the client lists all the features that need to be present within the bespoke solution, Alexey’s team determines and provides an estimate of the requirements. With the delivery of the solution, the associated training is also provided at the client end. The cost factor that affects most here is the scope of information requested by the client and the proficiency level of the employee that will be regulating the application.

Jarred Lintz got in touch with Avivi in a time of exigency and said while handing out a 5-star rating at GoodFirms:


The standard of competence that the team of developers at Avivi has exhibited is the reason behind the firm’s rise into the charts of the best management consulting firms at GoodFirms under Alexey’s able governance.

Software Development Solutions Based on Concrete Experience:

When Alexey was asked about the delivery time, he elaborated on how customer involvement and communication with stakeholders govern the determination of setting up the deadline and a timeframe for implementation. Project managers are allocated to individual projects which work to ensure software requirements are compiled properly and the team is aligned with the suitable methodology to be implemented.

On divulging more, he said that the average delivery time frame deviates from a week to 6 months prolonging more based on project estimate and resource allocation. When asked about the effort that goes in terms of time, the CEO explained that CMS based landing pages and corporate websites take upto 50-100 hours for development wherein eCommerce stores, when built from scratch, take upto 500 hours on an average.

While answering about the selection process for the right framework for developing software, Alexey stressed that Bitrix CMS is a powerful framework capable of satisfying any business needs. The major argument presented for this software is that it comes integrated with a large number of services and tools in one solution. The programming languages that are primarily used at the firm are PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML along with popular techniques such as AJAX and jQuery.

Technical proficiency and acuteness to treat challenges as opportunities will soon merit Avivi a place amongst the top software developers at GoodFirms.

Borys Vilenskyy’s comments echo with Avivi’s determination when he stated:


It was very enlightening to learn that Alexey does not base any perquisites as such while collaborating with any entity that is looking to leverage their degree of knowledge to streamline their business functions. He also shared that the minimum budget to seek cooperation with their firm can be as low USD50 for a few hours of consultation.

It was a breath of fresh air to gain insights into this synergistic CEO approach and viewpoints. To get more information about this conversation with Alexey Kovbasiuk, please read the full interview here at GoodFirms.

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