The plan you have been waiting for ten years — Bitrix24 Enterprise in the cloud

2 August 2022

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Slava Nahnybida


Slava Nahnybida
The plan you have been waiting for ten years — Bitrix24 Enterprise in the cloud

Enterprise in the line of digital goods from Bitrix24 is synonymous with the maximum capabilities of the system. Previously, Enterprise was only for the on-premise edition of the software and differed among others with really sky-high characteristics and indicators, such as the number of employees, the number of extranet users, etc. It was and remains an ideal environment for introduction into a large company, perhaps even a multinational corporation. The authors of Bitrix24 have been proud of this offer for their clients for a long time, but the rules of the game on the world market have changed significantly over a long period of time and new requirements have become obvious. They were implemented in the cloud Enterprise, which is available to users from August 1, 2022.

What do potential users want?

Before we begin to consider the plan itself, it is worth paying attention to the reasons for its appearance. Then everyone will understand why on-premise Enterprise is definitely good, but not suitable for everyone.

  • The first is the location. A local edition such as Bitrix24 Enterprise must be deployed on a powerful server with high performance and security requirements. Accordingly, all server maintenance costs and responsibility rest with the company that purchased this plan. This creates additional, albeit justified, risks, and no one wants to take risks in a large business;

  • From the first statement, we have the second: the Enterprise should be served by experienced specialists. Our company has extensive experience in providing technical support to enterprise partners and we know how difficult it is to train good specialists who can do this. And if the company has its own server, then a team of experienced system administrators and technicians who must maintain the hardware should also be added here;

  • After all, the third reason is functional limitations. Self-hosted Enterprise is a Bitrix24 big on-premise that has the same features as the regular on-premise. A single language, a single email SMTP-server, a single currency, and other limitations prevent the use of this product for international business without additional development. Our company has created its own modules that solve all the inconveniences for on-premise, but demanding customers want to use a completely ready-to-use product, not a semi-finished product.

Broad opportunities in the cloud

So, after a long preparation, the Bitrix24 developers presented their clients with the most powerful cloud plan, which competes with the on-premise Bitrix24 in the fight for representatives of large businesses. Yes, this is the same cloud without access to the administrative panel, but the huge number of solutions available in this tariff satisfies the needs of most companies of the appropriate scale in the world.

The Bitrix24 cloud server offers as much as 3 Terabytes of virtual storage, excluding the system itself. The minimum number of users is 250 people, which already meets the requirements of an average large company. But the upper limit reaches as many as 10,000 users!

In general, the rest of the functionality in the tariff can be described in only two words: "maximum" and "unlimited". That's right, cloud Enterprise has everything that is available for cloud plans, and where there are some restrictions for others, they are simply not there. This is quite noticeable if we talk, for example, about Pipelines e СRM: there are only 20 of them for the Professional plan, and only 10 for Standard.

Unique plan options

But there is also a completely new functionality that is inherent only to this cloud plan. The most anticipated of them migrated from box Enterprise and is intended for management of branches of a large company. These are Multi Branches tools that allow you to create, in fact, separate Portals of different representative offices with their own, independent ecosystem within one Portal. Management will be able to be in all branches at the same time, but ordinary employees may never know that they are working with colleagues in the same space.

Also, the plan has a much higher level of stability of work due to the use of special technologies. Reliability of data storage is enhanced by automatic backups, and their transmission is enhanced by the latest generation of encryption. Also, the elasticity of the so-called web cluster is enhanced by the increased REST API limits.

Let's summarize

Thus, we are happy to state that the new commercial plan of cloud Bitrix24 turned out to be really significant and useful. This is exactly what big business was waiting for, to build its own IT-structure easier and cheaper. And we, as one of the best integrators of Bitrix24, had the opportunity to offer customers a great solution at once for many tasks, which previously could only be done in on-premise edition. So don't waste time — contact Aviva for an Enterprise cloud plan right now!

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