A Fresh Look at Monitoring Project Progress in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is ideal for project management and monitoring tasks. However, each business is so unique that it is not always possible to implement the required process with regular functionality. But this is not a reason to abandon Bitrix24 — on the contrary, you are able to create your own application and get an additional benefit. This is the focus of our article, and that which may become particularly useful for you.

The Avivi Bitrix24 Application has reached 13,000 downloads. Who wants presents?

By mid-May, Avivi’s Time and Project Reports Application reached 13,000 downloads, indicating strong demand for our solution. Our team is not only proud of the achievement, but also desires to reward users for placing their trust in our product.

Official release of Time and Project Report PRO

Do you consider a Time and Project Report as the handiest application for reporting for projects and time in any edition of Bitrix24? Then you haven’t seen a PRO-version yet!

Renewal of Bitrix24 integration with TimeDoctor

For more than a month (release was at 25 October) the users in the whole world have the opportunity to make time tracking in TimeDoctor performing tasks in Bitrix24 thanks to integration from Avivi Company. The developers received a lot of feedback and thanks, which motivated them to release an updated version by the beginning of winter. We have prepared answers to the three most frequently asked questions on integration, as well as the most important update news.

The release of the first Integration of Bitrix24 with TimeDoctor

On October 25, 2018, Avivi Company unveiled the official release of the integration of Bitrix24 with Time Doctor. The application is already available in the Bitrix24 Marketplace

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