We create our own Web App for Telegram bot

The emergence of the Web The App has qualitatively changed the development of Telegram bots: now many useful functions are available that do not require separate development and are ready to use. In addition, with Web App user interface bots go far beyond the usual Telegram. In this article, experienced developer Avivi shares his experience of creating a crypto wallet using the Web App.

Advantages of using local applications for Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is chosen for its incredibly wide range of functionality and ease of use. But there is not always what you need here. Local applications can correct the situation - additional software that expands the capabilities of cloud and on-premises Bitrix24 and fully meets the needs of your business. This article from a professional Bitrix24 developer, who has extensive experience in creating and configuring various applications, talks about the possibilities of additional functionality and the specifics of using it in your system.

How the Telegram bot from Avivi can improve business efficiency

Telegram bots are gaining more and more popularity among various online businesses. Avivi already wrote about the creation of Telegram bots before, but quite a lot of time has passed since then and new development opportunities have been added. During this time, our developers created many different bots for Telegram and Discord and were able to see for themselves the positive dynamics of business growth after implementing our solutions. In this article, one of the experienced bot developers from our team shares his experience and highlights the main advantages of bots.

Custom grouping of chats in Bitrix24 — like in Telegram, by Avivi

Chats in Bitrix24 are one of the favorite sections of the portal for all employees, because this is where lively business communication and personal and informal conversations take place. One of the disadvantages of the Bitrix24 chat is that there can be an extremely large number of dialogues, but there are no tools to manage them. Avivi was approached by clients with the task of developing a functionality for grouping chats. This idea arose from customers while using Telegram, where such opportunities already exist.

A solution for hiding phone numbers from users in Bitrix24 CRM Entities from Avivi

A phone number today is one of the key types of personal data that can become a subject of speculation among interested parties. In Bitrix24 CRM entities, this is open information available to all users of the system. Very often, Avivi specialists received questions about how to hide a phone number for employees while still being able to use it for business processes. And now we are happy to present a solution that solves this issue.

The custom Left Menu module in the Bitrix24 Portal from Avivi

The left menu of Bitrix24 accompanies users almost all the time of working with this product. There are many options and settings: both group and individual user. However, making a really perfect menu, hiding certain items or changing the appearance was not possible before. But now, with the new module for the on-premise edition of Bitrix24 from the Avivi team, all this and even more is possible!

The one spot solution for posting all types of messages on Telegram Instagram and Discord via Bitrix24 from the developers of Avivi

If you need to post a lot on Telegram Instagram and Discord are solutions from Avivi just for you! This is the only application for cloud and on-premise Bitrix24, which allows you to publish absolutely all types of content, including media files, directly from the corporate Portal. We have gathered together all the possibilities so that you can easily work with publications within a single window.

How to monitor the movement and condition of agricultural machinery in Bitrix24 — a comprehensive offer for farmers from Avivi

Bitrix24 provides the ability to track the working hours of Portal users, and this tool is in great demand. What about tracking the movement of equipment? Specialists of our company are asked this question very often from all over the world. Avivi has repeatedly created solutions for controlling the movement of various machines, so in this article we will tell about it on the example of farmers, from whom such requests come most often.

Integration of Bitrix24 with Wave — development of an application for the Marketplace by Avivi`s experts

Not so long ago, Wave and Bitrix24 did not have a ready-made integration, so the platforms could only work together using custom development. Avivi clients who use both platforms have ordered an integration project from our company. A special condition is that it must be an application available in Bitrix24.Market. This means that in the future, anyone will also be able to take advantage of how these products work together.

How a module for Bitrix24 from Avivi will help work with Google Maps to determine locations

Interaction with Google Maps significantly improves the work of company employees with customers. And it would be great if your Bitrix24 "understood" whether customer service is possible depending on their geographical location. The standard functionality does not allow you to do this, and the new Google Maps Location module from the developers of Avivi does. This article will tell you all the details.

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