Custom data backup in Bitrix24 is a pain reliever for businesses with many years of history and large data sets

Average users of Bitrix24 do not delve into the specifics of the system's operation: in their opinion, if it works slowly, it means that you need to add more power to the server or delete something. In fact, solving the problem can be much simpler and less painful when you have to consciously give up part of the stored data. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the Bitrix24 customization case, where, thanks to the developers' experience, Avivi managed to achieve several goals at once, which completely solved our client's problems.

A "thing" that only gets in the way or the first effective assistant — why is the integration of Bitrix24 and CoPilot worthy of attention?

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and finds application in various sectors of the economy and spheres of life. In 2023, Bitrix24 received another package of updates, which included an almost complete integration with artificial intelligence from the IT giant Microsoft, which immediately became a top topic for study and discussion among product users. We at Avivi have been following the development of the interaction between Bitrix24 and CoPilot from the very beginning and now we have something to say.

Bitrix24 on-premise clustering: what is it, why it is needed, and how Avivi`s specialists implemented such a project

Improving productivity and stabilizing work is important for every large IT project. In the case of the Bitrix24 product, this is an extremely important issue that affects the performance of the entire company. This is especially relevant for on-premise editorial offices, and in the case of the Enterprise plan, this is generally one of the main challenges. Web-cluster is a feature to solve it, but its application in practice requires the intervention of experienced developers, such as those in Avivi.

10 reasons to upgrade Bitrix24 on-premises — Avivi's expert opinion

Avivi has extensive expertise in custom development for Bitrix24 on-premise. Over the years, we have systematized numerous similar requests from our customers who had unresolved difficulties with the local version. Bitrix24 is constantly updated, so in the latest versions of the product there are no such difficulties, although in the previous ones it is impossible to solve the problem even customarily. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with our observations — perhaps it will be an incentive to dare to update with the Avivi team.

Solving the error of importing business processes with custom activities in Bitrix24 by Avivi

A fairly common problem after the implementation of additional functionality in the cloud service and on-premise edition of Bitrix24. We work with projects of various complexity and therefore found a solution that is valid for almost 98% of such cases. About the problem and how to overcome it in this article of our blog.

Integration of Bitrix24... with our world

When choosing a particular product for ourselves, we, of course, think about its demand for other people. This also applies to Bitrix24 CRM: who uses the system, whether it is popular in the Europe, America or Asia, whether the project will close, are normal questions that customers may have. In this article, we will try to paint the big picture. And to tell about what many do not guess.

How to win business negotiations using Bitrix24

In any business, negotiations play an important role, since it is on them that the fate of contracts is decided, disputes are unleashed, and even the fate of companies is determined. In the modern world, people do not need to meet in person to do this: Internet conferences, video calls and much more allow you to negotiate around the world without leaving your office or even your own home. This article will focus on a non-standard and effective approach to remote negotiations using Bitrix24, which significantly increases your chances of a successful result.

Generation of MS Excel spreadsheets with conditional formatting in Bitrix24

The Avivi company fulfills a wide variety of orders related to the refinement of the functionality of Bitrix24. This time, the developers faced a task related to the generation of complex MS Excel spreadsheets that must use conditional formatting. An absolutely useful solution for controlling the deadlines for tasks has turned out to be needed everywhere, where the word "deadline" is not an empty sound.

Basecamp vs Bitrix24

A project is a general name for an activity that is suitable for any case or business involving one or more people, certain tasks and deadlines for their completion. The Basecamp system, which was created specifically as a project management tool, is very popular in the world. Our leads often ask about it before they become customers, so we decided to compare the two systems and make it easier for people to choose.

Everything about everything — Knowledge base in your Bitrix24

In Bitrix24, there is always a useful functionality to facilitate the work of employees. Today we would like to take a detailed look at one of these tools — the modern Knowledge Base. This virtual directory can contain everything you need for a quick but comprehensive overview of basic information related to your company as a whole or specific projects in particular.

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