Monthly payments automatization through Moneris in your Bitrix24

The integration of Bitrix24 with payment systems is a process of a high importance that generates your income. Moneris is one of the most popular payment system in the world, and the Avivi company created a customized integration for the most convenient usage of both of the platforms simultaneously.

We help you manage the Russian language in Bitrix24

Why is most of the Bitrix24 documentation in Russian? Why is the product often represented by people with Slavic names? How to get the profound technical clarification without any knowledge of Cyrillic? Our company can help you with the latter, and when it comes to everything else — read this article.

Bitrix24 and Tilda integration

18 November 2021

Anna Gerasymchuk

Project Manager

Bitrix24 and Tilda integration
Bitrix24 and Tilda integration

Tilda is one of the most popular independent constructors of selling landings. In this article, we will share with you how our Avivi developers integrated the incoming applications from Tilda directly into the CRM system of Bitrix24 in accordance with the customer's requests.


Dialogflow integration with Bitrix24

Dialogflow chatbot enjoys popularity in every sphere of economic activities and is a powerful tool when working with clients. However, an ordinary user may come across certain difficulties upon connecting the bot to Bitrix24, as it is impossible to do so without an integration. Fortunately, Avivi is now ready to offer you everything your business needs.

Updating the display of the lists in Bitrix24

The Lists in Bitrix24 is one of the CRM system tools that plays an important role in organizing the workflow. Why are they needed and what does the update of their display offer for users — more details below.

Bitrix24 vs. Slack

29 October 2021

Valeriia Hodlevska


Bitrix24 vs. Slack
Bitrix24 vs. Slack

Both systems capabilities include uniting the team of employees in one corporate space, providing an efficient and accessible communication between employees. There are a lot of "but", though. You can learn about the advantages of Bitrix24 over its opponent in this article.

We have eliminated any type of communication —an environment for a non-competitive work of retailers inside Bitrix24

The customization of the Bitrix24 box edition helps where the capabilities of the standard functionality end or go against the preferences of the customer. The Avivi company realized a complex project on implementing restrictions for retail users. This ensured the effectiveness of work processes within the business as well as guarantees the security of its members to resist the competition.  

Bitrix24 and YouTube integration

As you know, there is no ready-made integration between Bitrix24 and YouTube. But that does not mean the users, who carry out their activities by means of YouTube, do not need it. Our software specialists studied video hosting API and figured out the advantages you get if you make a customized connection with Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 vs Jira

09 September 2021

Valeriia Hodleska


Bitrix24 vs Jira
Bitrix24 vs Jira

This article, based on the numerous requests, compares the ERP functionality of the popular project management platform and tasks Jira with Bitrix24. Find out about the differences between the software products as well as convenient options for using each of them and make the right choice for yourself.

 Robots and triggers in Bitrix24: what are their capabilities?

When talking about automatization, the words like "robots" and "triggers" can be often heard. And, if the first one is quite well-known, the second one is still a mystery for many. Both of these concepts come across quite often in Bitrix24 in terms of business processes. Read about this in our new, easy-to-understand Avivi's blog article.

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