Bitrix24 CRM-form — guaranteed successful lead hunting

20 January 2022

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Slavko Nahnybida


Slavko Nahnybida
Bitrix24 CRM-form — guaranteed successful lead hunting

Any Internet form will always prevail over any other tools that collect data from customers. Not everyone is up for communicating over the phone and, especially, to provide their contact details to be recorded correctly; retrieving data out of communication in messengers or email can be a waste of time and resources. While a form requests only the mist neccessary data, it is always available to a user and can be easily tweaked by its author. Bitrix24 offers users a constructor that makes it possible to individually create and manage current forms for the collection of data. 

About Bitrix24 CRM forms in brief

A form in Bitrix24 has a "CRM" prefix as it points to the direct connection with your system of relationship with your customer management. It differs from a usual Internet form that collects data from a person that in turn fills it out and transfers the data further. Bitrix24 form carries this process into the respective fields of the CRM entities cards directly. The tool is fully integrated with the system and does not require any additional settings. If a form is designed to attract a client, you will get a new Lead, if for sale — new Deal, and so on. The advantages of the tool:

  • There could be an unlimited amount of forms; 

  • You define the destination, develop a form in a constructor mode and this is where you can also edit it with ease;

  • CRM-form can be located on a separate page following a link, built into the Bitrix24 site or integrated with a third resource;

  • The functionality of a form can be either switched "on" or "off" in when needed basis;

  • Bitrix24 provides detailed statistics in the form filling process.

User-friendly interface

CRM-form functionality (СRM → “More” → СRM-form) opens in a separate Portal window and very much resembles a website constructor or a knowledge base. The user will immediately see a set of options in the left part of the screen and a preview of a result on a monitor, screen, tablet or smartphone. When creating a new form, you will find a number of ready made scenarios for the respective actions: receiving of the contact details, selling a product or a service form, etc. You can also select a template from "scratch" and construct a CRM-form exactly the way your business requires it. There are information notifications in almost every part of the menu that contain explanations regarding the functions. 

Useful capabilities

Out of the most interesting and efficient Bitrix24 CRM-form options that are distinctive when compared with other competitive products, we have selected the following:

  • Various uploaded users' templates - the possibility to turn on the condition of having a person to finish the text before simply ticking an "I agree" box. 

  • Automatic orders creation. The system is capable of generating an order based on the collected data and calculation of the amount. It is also possible to withdraw a payment immediately upon filing out a form. 

  • There are three options of locating the completed form on any third web-site: in a designated location, on a separate page of a slider or via clicking a button/link. 

  • Customer recognition function. If the customer's data already exists in your CRM, the form will "recognize" them and will automatically fill out the necessary fields. 

  • Multipage forms or dependent fields — allows performing a consecutive filling out process depending on the information given. 

CRM-form design

For those who prefer an individual design or branding, a broader range of options is available. The light and dark design, several margins styles, more than 120 font styles and much more. A form can be made to cast a shadow, if desired. 

To sum it all up, this is all you need to know about CRM-forms. But knowledge itself is not enough. There is a need to use the ready functionality to broaden your business sector. If you somehow do not find the option you need, contact us, and our developers will be happy to make a custom option that will match your needs. 

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