Online Bitrix24.Documents, became even more convenient

11 June 2021

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Valeriia Hodlevska


Valeriia Hodlevska
Online Bitrix24.Documents, became even more convenient

Bitrix24 provides various possibilities of documentation processing: starting from automatic generation of invoices, shipping lists, etc., and before joining, editing document files. This article touches upon the topic of manual work, employees creating documents inside Bitrix24 downloading completed files from various devices.

Updated Bitrix24.Documents 

By the end of the spring 2021, Bitrix24 team presented the list of updates, that included those concerning the functionality of the electronic documents within the framework of the “Berlin” release presentation.  They refer to co-editing documents, tables and presentations, allows you to open all cumulated documents in the respective formats. The new separate Left menu section helps to find all the files you are working in, or to create a new one with a single click. 

Solving the problem of office editors. 

Previously to work with Bitrix24 documents, they used a third party software. Microsoft Office365 services, Microsoft Office Online, Google Drive, etc. All of them require separate user authorization, while paying for the office programs for each individual employee is an expensive matter that can now be avoided.  After all, Bitrix24 now has its own "Documents" section, where, in the opens slider, you will find all the necessary funcional. Now using the built-in editor, you can work with files of the Document format (.docх, .doc), Table(.xlsх, .xls) and Presentation (.pptх, .ppt)

Cooperate on documents 

The interface of the updated editor is intuitive, clea,r and easy. You can forget about copying links within the system: just choose a team member you would like to work with on the document, they receive a notification via common Bitrix24 means, and there they are in the editor. You can see the changes they make in real time, while they also see your actions in the document. It's important to note, that the document is automatically saved in the "Documents" section, both for you and for your selected colleagues. 

The whole history of changes is saved and, if needed, you can always restore the previous version. The data on who and when edited the document is also recorded in the history.

Bitrix24.Documents and external users

Everything is clear with the users of your Portal, but often there is a need to share a document with strangers. Now, you just open the document, customize and copy the public link, and then send it to the intended user via any available way. The recipient follows the link and turns around right inside the document, which you can continue co-editing with an individual who is not in your Bitrix24. 

Documents are not just text

In addition to text files, there are also auxiliary elements.  The first one is — tables, one of the most important and complex tools. They provide the possibility to work with calculations, formulas and even build in the diagrams. 

Not less important and quite active.The script used is working with presentation. Just in a couple of clicks you can create new slides, chose designs, fonts and open a preview screen directly from the editor.


In the release of "Berlin" Bitrix24 has been massively updated in the areas of documents processing, which will significantly simplify the activities of your companies. Share documents access with your colleagues, exchange information or make changes, review the amendments in real time — this is all now available in Bitrix24. Contact Avivi specialists for detailed advice on how to get the job done, more convenient and more efficient.

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