Bitrix24 demands your attention

20 May 2021

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Mary Chernetska

Project Manager

Mary  Chernetska
Bitrix24 demands your attention

Probably every business has the problem of unanswered calls, overdue cases or forgotten tasks. This is not always the fault of negligent employees. Sometimes the flow of tasks is so dense that it's too difficult to remember everything or navigate through a multitude of cases, and an ordinary notebook is of no help here. With Bitrix24 you won't need it at all, the system will help you and your employees to keep track of everything and be on schedule. Let's find out how it works. 

Bitrix24 notification center

Every day there are a lot of important events for every employee in the Portal. All of them are displayed in real time immediately after the event for the employee involved: a pop-up window appears in the upper right corner of the screen for a few seconds with a description of the event. If a reaction is required — for example, to choose between "accept" or "decline" - the user can click the desired button directly in the window. 

1 англ.png

But if the user does not have time to respond or read what has been notified by Bitrix24 - no problem, all notifications are collected in the Notification Center, marked by a bell symbol. Similar sections exist in the desktop version and the mobile application. Each user in the Portal can prohibit duplicate notifications to other apps, and set them to be sent as emails to a specified email. There is also an option here to manage push messages — notifications that Bitrix24 will send to the user's mobile app. 

Reminders in tasks

Any task in Bitrix24 has a parameter of reminders which can be created both manually and automatically in unlimited quantities. All you need to do is to choose to whom (yourself, creator, or responsible person) and when exactly the reminder should be sent. At the appointed time, the recipient will receive an appropriate notification. And this is in addition to the fact that Bitrix24 notifies all participants of the task creation, completion or modification. 

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As of April 2021, the rules for displaying ping messages - system notifications of changes in deadlines or composition of participants - have changed. Previously, pings came in general comments, which confused users. Now these messages are not displayed in the Notification Center. But at any time a user can create a ping for a task from any device interface, reminding a responsible person of the changes. 

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Notifications from CRM

Everything concerning work with clients can't stay unnoticed. Therefore, notifications from the CRM system are important both for ordinary employees and executives. There can be a myriad of notification setup options in Bitrix24, depending on the specifics of your business. The most common are status change notifications in Lead or Deal. 

4 англ.png

If certain actions have been taken, say a transition from the negotiation stage to submitting a quote, robots are triggered in the CRM to notify the right employees in the company about the incident. As you understand, you can set up absolutely any condition for alerts, and this feature is especially appreciated by Bitrix24 users. 

Messages notifications

And lastly, you can't ignore the notifications about any possible customer calls to your company. Bitrix24 will notify your employees about any phone calls, emails, messages in connected messengers or even comments on corporate social networks. The main thing is to set up all the necessary communication channels in the Contact Center, where all incoming calls are received. But the most important thing is that in addition to notifications, employees can immediately respond to the client directly from Bitrix24, regardless of which service the person "on the other end of the line" uses. 

Thus, Bitrix24 will never let you miss something important or turn away from a task assigned by your manager. Of course, you may think that there are too many notifications, but don't worry: proper configuration of the system by the integrator will not allow it to distract your attention on weekends or outside business hours. The main thing is to entrust the implementation of Bitrix24 to experienced professionals.

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