Why is it mandatory to automate the creation of commercial offers in Bitrix24?

13 January 2022

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Slavko Nahnybida


Slavko Nahnybida
Why is it mandatory to automate the creation of commercial offers in Bitrix24?

Upon meeting the clients, the employees of our company emphasize Avivi's capability to create customized products for Bitrix24, as well as various additions to this system. Our customers from METAL PRO BUILDINGS had the chance to know that at first hands, we created a specific functionality of generating the commercial offers especially for them. 

The offer the customers never decline 

The success of the upcoming deal always depends on how u properly you will offer another individual to purchase something from you. Remember: there are not so many unique offers, and there will always be other vendors hunting for your client. The main requirements for a commercial offer are as follows:

  • The document has to be precise: a customer needs to have all the financial matters in front of them; every amount (not only total) has to be clear to the payer;

  • A commercial offer has to be reviewed and approved by the management prior to be sent to a customer to avoid any amendments or additions for your company in the future. This will increase the overall image of the company and boost the trust of customers.

  • A document needs to be stored for the further analysis and understanding of the customers' offers. In case of a recurring request, your employees should be aware of what has been offered to the customer and in what manner.

  • All the above has to be completed as soon as possible to not make the customer wait. Thus, it would be nearly impossible to reject a commercial offer. 

An example of an effective solution with Bitrix24

Our customers from METAL PRO BUILDINGS have been supplying steel structures for the construction of the residential and industrial facilities all over Canada and the US for over 30 years. To calculate the customer's order, managers have to consider a number of different parameters which will affect the total bill. Apart from the constructions, their size and the mounting materials, it is also required to consider a region where the mounting will take place, as well as the transportation route. Precisely the calculation of all the parameters took up the most time when preparing a commercial offer. However, the implementation of Bitrix24 CRM by Avivi scaled down this process by automating it. To accomplish that, our professionals transferred all the data to the high load blocks of the system, improved the functionality and created the business processes, so that the working scenario for the employees looks like this:

  1. The manager selects the required values and quantities from the specifically created fields in a commercial offer mode — the calculation  is done by the system;

  2. Bitrix24 generates a document in PDF format, where it looks up the detailed information on materials and cost; The business process sends the document for the manager's review and approval;

  3. Upon approval, this PDF file can be sent to a customer from CRM directly, and the document itself is permanently attached to the Lead or the Contact card it was addressed to. 

Let's summarize

Using the automatization in the CRM construction company, the efficiency of the marketing department has grown significantly. The amount of time needed to prepare a commercial offer has decreased by 5-6 times. Automatic calculations eliminate the human factor and possible mistakes, while the system makes sure the documents are sent to the customer and saved for analytical purposes. This is how the process of generating commercial offers should look like in companies that use the Bitrix24 CRM system.

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