Do we need a Bitrix24 analytics

18 July 2019

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Anastasiya Synyuk

Sales Manager

Anastasiya Synyuk
Do we need a Bitrix24 analytics

Is it possible to conduct business without analytics in the modern world? It is, of course, but not as long as it would be desirable. Without reinforcing their actions analytical reports on their effectiveness, you can waste your strength, money or time in vain - all this will inevitably lead to the collapse of any business. A timely response to analytics results can significantly improve any process and bring more profit. The main thing is to get reliable data at the right time. These are simple and understandable things that the specific systems like Business Intelligence or business analytics should resolve in the business. One of them is Microsoft Power BI.

IT-infrastructure for business

In any modern business related to the use of information technology, there is a collection of specialized software or services, in which, in fact, this business holds. In a typical example, it should look like this: there is one leading system and a number of auxiliary ones; between all of them a certain interconnection is set up. The lead program should provide us with products accounting and bookkeeping. On its side all business processes of the company pass off, from the moment of the client's consent to buy something from us, before shipment or delivery of an act about the work performed or services provided. For our region, such a program is most often "1C".

The gloom and chaos prevail in most companies before the cherished word "yes" from the client. Exception is only those that use CRM. Then everything is very clear: how, where did the lead come from and when it became a client, who called managers, and who was found on Facebook - the system of customer relationship controls all this. CRM is one of the five most important tools of Bitrix24, which also provides accounting, but only clients and managers' work.

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And the third important element of the IT structure is the branch program of business analytics. Its task is to collect all the data we need, conduct operations with them, such as calculating the tasks performed, calculating the average shipping frequency and adapting this data to the user. The last point is very important, because there is always a lot of data, and the type, in which the program will provide them and the ease of use of them determines the effectiveness of the business intelligence system.

«Open, my name is Power BI!»

Microsoft Corp. is proud of the 12-year-long continuity in creation of platforms for business analytics according to Gartner, Inc.'s. The development of cloud-based Power BI service has greatly strengthened this position, largely influencing the average reduction of time for decision making of varying degrees of importance for its users. How does it work? Basically, thanks to a huge amount of all kinds of statistical operations, excellent and, most importantly, understandable visualization and simplicity of use.


The program is available both in the cloud and on-premise. The cloud location already allows multiple users to share one file from different devices. In addition to viewing, in Power BI you can also customize the monitoring panels, interactive reports, and actively share these developments. Another advantage of the cloud is the simplicity of work: you just need to subscribe to the service and go forward. For convenience, you can download a local client for logging into the system.

Power BI works with analytical reports in real time, constantly updating information. It creates the impression that you are inside your living business and feel any changes in it. The system is very fond of analysts, because it is able to produce really good and interesting dynamic reports, to visualize different types of data, which gives viewers a great impression, for example, during presentations.


If you remove the aesthetics side and look at the product from a technical point of view, there is also a lot of interesting things here. We remember that Power BI was written in Microsoft, which means the tools of the program are very similar to those of the MS Office product line, which can reduce the time spent on employee training. Similarly, with the deployment of a local version: users can manage the Power BI solution in exactly the same way as the Office 365 environment and other Microsoft services.

In addition to users, the platform is also interesting to developers. Business BI tools presented in Power BI can be personalized, expanded, and implemented in applications with a large set of API interfaces and fully documented SDK libraries.


Prices vary greatly: from $ 9.99 for a user per month at the simplest tariff and up to $ 4.995 per month for a dedicated cloud resource for large companies.

Integration of Power BI with Bitrix24

Power BI has a large set of ready-made integration with third-party programs, however, like any other program such as Business Intelligence, operates with sophisticated data processing algorithms and field types. Thus, it will be impossible to connect it tritely directly with Bitrix24. An additional layer between CRM and analytical platforms is required, which will allow caching non-aggregate CRM data in the intermediate repository. From there, not only Power BI, but also many other platforms like Business Intelligence can build the reporting.

At the moment there are few ready-made connectors for Bitrix24 for general use, and their average cost varies within $ 12 a month. In addition, there are territorial restrictions. So, if you want to use both Bitrix24 and Power BI, you will need a custom connector that does not depend on anyone and transmits data according to the needs of your business. Avivi developers are happy to create this additional functionality for your Bitrix24.

Is it worth or not?

Getting a reliable analytics is definitely needed, we have already proven it. Power BI can turn your thinking about the quality of modern analytics and how to work with it. However, Bitrix24 has its own built-in analytics and with every update it is becoming more advanced. To CRM-analytics which collects lead data, sales, efficiency of managers, and aggregate customer data, is upgraded to Bitrix24.Dubay, in-line analytics has joined. And this is far from the top of the ideas of developers! Bitrix24, as a self-sufficient product for the promotion of your business, has many useful features that you can always read on our blog or learn from our managers by contacting

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