Bitrix24 log in — easy and secure

5 January 2022

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Slavko Nahnybida


Slavko Nahnybida
Bitrix24 log in — easy and secure

Authorization in various services may be painful for any user: incorrect login, wrong password, something doesn't function, and at last — where should I go to be authorized? That is not that complex on entertaining web-sites, for instance, but it is unacceptable for high-profile business systems. Bitrix24 has though through everything so that any issue and problem of that kind would arise less frequently, and logging in into the correct account would be easier. Let's see what you need to know to keep the doors of the working Portal always open for you. 

First authorization

If you register a new cloud Portal by yourself, you would receive a specific bonus. For that, you need to indicate either a phone number, email or one of the applicable social networks. Then, the system generates a random link which will actually be your Bitrix24 address. This is an example of the process:


The majority of business owners change this link, but it does function well initially. If this link is being shared, a user is directed to the login page of your Portal, where they need to indicate username and password, or authorize via social networks. There is no way to get into the system without this process. 

The Portal's creator is already in the system, and thus is capable of inviting other employees. This is possible in several ways: 

  • via email — an email with a login button/link will be sent to the indicated electronic address;

  • via SMS — a short message will be sent on the indicated phone number;

  • directly — any other option of transferring the link to the respective person, that they will use to get into the Portal.

When logged in, the Portal system will request them to come up with a personal password that will further be used by the user to log in into the correct Bitrix24 via any browser or application. Important notice: an administrator of the cloud Portal is not able to see someone else's passwords, while the administrator of the box edition has the capability to actually change them. 

The two-factor authentication and QR-code scanner

To increase the security level, there is an additional authorization check in Bitrix24. A perfect method proved to be the two-factor authentication or two-stage login, when apart from the login and password, the user must also enter a verification code. You can set up the verification in your personal user profile. 

Now, upon the first stage of authorization, Bitrix24 will request a short single-use code available on the smartphone. Thus, when indicating your phone number in Bitrix24, you get the additional warranties that no one except yourself will log in into Portal under you account data. 

And, beginning from Bitrix24.Seattle 2021 version, when accessing the Portal, there is also an option to authorize via QR-code. You simply need to scan the image offered by the system using your Bitrix24 mobile application, and the way to the Portal is open. 


Nevertheless, the most convenient way to log in is the relatively unknown service Bitrix24.Passport, available at All of your accounts on various Portals or sites created within the "1C - Bitrix:Site Management" will be stored here. When authorized here using any available option, you will get access to all the accounts you have at once. Through your personal account in Passport you will also be able to edit personal data and change avatars in all the available Portals at once. This is quite convenient for the managers of several businesses or contractors working with the clients via Bitrix24. 

As you see, the authorization in Bitrix24 is carefully designed for users' convenience and secure protection againstany unauthorized access. Try out Bitrix24 if you have never used this set of tools for business or set up the additional verification in an already existing Portal. And if you have any questions, Avivi's managers will be happy to help you figure them out!

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