Scrum technology is now in Bitrix24!

30 December 2021

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Valeriia Hodlevska


Valeriia Hodlevska
Scrum technology is now in Bitrix24!

With the last 2021 release, Bitrix24 got a new tool — scrum. This is good news for the valuers of this popular project management method. And that is for a reason: scrum used to be well-known in the IT field exclusively, but currently this methodology is wide-spread and applied, basically, in all the fields of the project activities. 

What is scrum?

SCRUM, if simply put, is the way of organizing the working process, or the project management methodology. This is where the scrum team is formed — a group consisting of several people, usually between 3 and 9, who work on completing the assigned task or creating a product. According to this method, the team works per short cycles, so-called "sprints". In accordance with this principle, the project consists of the specified number of time periods; the project is considered completed when they come to an end. 

All the joint insights with the edits, ideas, requests, feedback is recorded in a single list of tasks named backlog.Thanks to this, all the team members are able to come back and, if needed, reflect on the matters already discussed.

According to the scum traditions, the whole-team-meetings are held on a daily basis: they review the results of the carried out work and deal with the current and urgent issues. If a team is working remotely on a project, it is not an issue with scrum , since the physical presence of the team members in one place is not required. This method is indeed efficient as it focuses on the self-management and multitasking skills of the team that works together. 

Scrum in Bitrix24

Previously, Bitrix24 has realized another well-known and efficient method of working on tasks — canban. The "Seattle" update enabled scrum in the "Tasks and Projects" section. The following number of scrum commands is available for the various Bitrix24 tariff plans:

  • Free of charge — 5 commands;

  • Basic — also 5 commands;

  • Standard — 10 commands;

  • Professional — 20 commands;

The team is the major piece of the scrum puzzle. It is important to highlight several roles of the team members: 

  • The product owner — that can be the supervisor of a unit or a manager in charge;

  • Scrum master — a leader or supervisor who knows how scrum functions, follows the progress of the tasks completion, organizes a common work process. A manager can also be responsible for this particular part of the process;

  • A team of developers — the professionals who carry out the tasks;

  • Counterparts — all the participants of the project.

To build a scrum team, go to the "Tasks and Projects" section, then chose Srum, and click on the "Create" button.

англ 1.jpg

In the opened window, you can complete the information regarding the project, select the avatar and the theme. Then, you can invite the members and customize the privacy settings.


After completing this form, click on the "Continue" button and there you go — the scrum team is created, and you can confidently begin the work.

If you have previously worked with scrum, it will not be difficult to figure it out in Bitrix24. Even if you read about all of this for the first time ever, simply try it out: this method is easy to comprehend, and the tools are self-explanatory. 


With this methodology spreading outside the IT field into other business areas, it became obvious that applying scrum is possible almost everywhere as it provides the knowledge of what and when something should be done, and who needs to complete it. That is the reason why scrum is widely used in a wide number of independent services, or as a part of other platforms. 

If you used to have any doubts regarding the purchase of Bitrix24, the availability of scrum, that is now among other powerful tools for your business development, may become the determining factor. Contact our managers for a free consultation, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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