Why is it imperative to automate the creation of commercial offers in Bitrix24?

26 May 2022

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Vyacheslav Nannybida

PR manager

Vyacheslav  Nannybida
Why is it imperative to automate the creation of commercial offers in Bitrix24?

During the reviews of CRM Bitrix24 in on-premise edition, everyone pay attention on the possibility of developing any additional functionality for the most efficient operation of your company. The employees of the construction company METAL PRO BUILDINGS have already seen this; the developers of Avivi have created an advantage in the form of automated processes with commercial offers for them. 

An offer that cannot be refused

The success of a future deal always depends on how well you propose to the other person to buy something from you. The basic requirements for a commercial offer are as follows:

•    Accuracy of the document: the client must see all the financial points, each, not just the total, amount must be clear;

•    The quote should be approved by your management before being sent to the client to avoid any changes by your company later on;

•    The document should be retained for further analysis and understanding of offers to clients;

•    All of the above should happen as soon as possible, so as not to keep the client waiting. It will then be almost impossible to refuse a quote. 

An example of an effective solution with Bitrix24

Our METAL PRO BUILDINGS customers have been supplying steel structures for residential or industrial buildings throughout Canada and the United States for over 30 years. To calculate an order from a customer, managers need to consider a large number of different parameters on which the final check depends. In addition to the metal products themselves, their dimensions and materials for installation, it is also necessary to consider the region of the order and distance for transportation. It was the calculation of all the parameters that consumed the most time when preparing a quote. But the implementation of Avivi's Bitrix24 CRM instead of Zoho.CRM has shortened this process. To do this, our experts transferred all the data to the system's highload blocks, refined the functionality and created business processes, after which the work scenario for employees looks like this:

1.     A manager simply selects the required values and quantities from the specially created fields in the quotation mode - the calculation is handled by the system;

2.     Bitrix24 generates a PDF document with detailed material and cost information. The business process sends the document to the manager for review and approval;

3.     Once approved, the PDF file can be sent directly from the CRM to the customer and the document is permanently attached to the card of the Lead or Contact to whom it was addressed. 

To sum up

By using CRM’s automation in a construction company's system, the efficiency of the sales department has drastically increased. The time needed to prepare a quote has been reduced by 5-6 times. Automatic calculations eliminate the human factor and possible errors, and the system ensures that the documents are sent to the client and saved for analysis. This is exactly how the process of generating commercial offers should look in modern companies that use the Bitrix24 CRM system. 

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