Monthly payments automatization through Moneris in your Bitrix24

2 December 2021

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Viktoria Lapta

Project Manager

Viktoria Lapta
Monthly payments automatization through Moneris in your Bitrix24

Quite often, the owners of the companies offer their services that function on the monthly subscription basis. Without the automatization, managers need to calculate manually and control all the payments every month, which takes a lot of time and requires personnel's close attention to details. The Avivi team has developed the customized solution exactly for such a case. 

Monthly subscription

Every one of us has, when watching a video on YouTube, saw the offer by the platform called "YouTube Premium", the purpose of which is to limit the number of ads when watching a video, and a couple of other additional functions. Those who use it, receive the payment notice on a monthly basis. This is a fully automatized system both for a client and for the platform, and many business owners chose the same for their own services online. 


One of our clients is the provider of a software who uses the same monthly payment requirement for the services provided under the subscription. Before contacting our company, they faced the problem of arranging the payment for these services. Every time the staff had to enter data into Google Spreadsheets and calculate the period for each client separately. In a big company this system proves to be time-consuming and inefficient. Therefore, the Avivi team developed an individual solution similar to the "YouTube Premium" subscription. All the clients' data is stored in Bitrix24 CRM without the need to use third services, so that the client does not need to think about controlling their data.

How does it work?

We required the banking system's API (application programming interfaces) — the description of the software operation procedures. In this particular case, Moneris, the payment system, had the thoroughly described API. To automatize monthly payments in Bitrix24, the payment data is transferred between the platforms and then processed by the bank. 

In this situation, we developed the automatization of the payment for the company with an unlimited number of clients who subscribed to different types of products.

This means that the system collects the data of each company's user on a monthly basis, summarizes it and sends it to the bank for payment. Upon that, the company pays for those subscriptions, collects data and cancellations — that data is transferred to Bitrix24.

If the payment was successful, the subscription renews, and that information is recorded in the respective card of the CRM Contact. If the payment fails, the data with the respective notification flows into Bitrix24 and the subscription is not renewed.

How is an invoice created?

There are two options to create an invoice. 

  • Every month, on a particular day, the system creates and sends the invoice to a bank.

  • A manager, responsible for processing the payments, clicks the respective button to begin invoicing when required. Then, the invoice is created, and the data is sent over to a bank.


If you are tired of performing the routine actions of calculating the payments and the monotonous collection of clients' information — our solution is right for you! We will assist with automatizing this process and avoid wasting your time.

Contact Avivi's professionals for a free consultation, and we will help you with this request.


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