Always within your reach – mobile Bitrix24

19 September 2018

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Yuliya Bondar

Project Manager

Yuliya Bondar
Always within your reach – mobile Bitrix24

People in the modern world are no longer tied to their jobs, and business is confidently moving towards automation and improvement of work processes. An important element that must be considered when choosing a system for managing workflows is the mobile component. Bitrix24 application for mobile devices on iOS and Android helps to solve various tasks literally in motion - in the metro, in a cafe, at a meeting or in general, anywhere. The application contains only the most necessary functions: the ability to exchange information with colleagues and to be aware of what is happening in the company.

Not worse, than on the computer

After installing the application, you will see first of all the “Live tape”. It presents all the news, statuses of tasks and projects, messages, new comments, photos. On the panel you can find the index of the number of news that require an attention. In the feed, you can comment and like messages, add smiles, and mark the messages as “favorites”, then return to them quickly.

You can write a message from the program to the general portal feed, personally to a colleague or, if necessary, to the feed of a separate workgroup.

Very informative

If you are a beginner, you want to find out "who's who" in the company, or you need to quickly find information about a colleague – you need only to find the Employees menu item and to watch the required information. To do this, enter the name of the employee or his position in the Search line. And, if necessary, the contacts with the portal can be synchronized with the address book of the mobile device. Also information about a particular person can be viewed in his personal profile, which includes compactly collected contact information (phone number, link to social pages) and other general data.

Follow the tasks

It is convenient to work with tasks in the mobile application, as well as in the browser. They can be created from a general category of tasks, or from the list of tasks (My, Help, Instructed). When you create a specific task, you can view its elements, edit, sort by criteria, determine the importance, roles for colleagues, delegate execution to one of them, and other important actions.

CRM in a pocket

The recognition of business cards is a new effective tool, which is added. In the CRM-Contacts section, you can quickly scan a business card and create a new contact - all fields are automatically recognized and entered in CRM as a new Contact or Company.

If you need to add another account in Bitrix24, you can do this in the menu after selecting the Change Account item. Also in the mobile application, you can delete the account from your mobile phone or change the authorization settings.

Besides, the updates of the Bitrix24 mobile application are regularly released, allowing to keep the system up-to-date and to work with the latest version of the software product without additional costs.

And even for readers who lack the dark color of the interface, there is remarkable news. There is now a button “Change the color scheme”, which switches the color of the program (although, to save the changes you need to reload the application). Therefore, do not forget about updates and use the mobile Bitrix24 application with benefit!

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