Dialogflow integration with Bitrix24

11 November 2021

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida


Vyacheslav  Nahnybida
Dialogflow integration with Bitrix24

Dialogflow chatbot made by IT giant, Google, is capable of increasing the conversion of clients requests from digital communication channels. Together with Bitrix24, this is basically a perfect tool for the sales department, which can increase the number of sales of goods and services by hundreds or even thousands of times through automation. This speeds up the processing of the clients' requests and minimizes the human factor. However, the average user will not be able to integrate the two platforms: a special integration process is required here, and the Avivi company already has it. 

Why is it not possible to have a direct connection? 

In the IT world is unachievable to make two different platforms work together: you need to perform certain actions aimed at a particular learning process of the programs to understand one another. This process is called integration — an establishment of connections between different informational systems in order to get a single space and common business processes realization. 

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In Bitrix24, you have already seen the ready-made integrations with the VoIP, Facebook, Instagram, etc., while there is no standard integration with Dialogflow, and, apparently there won't be either. That is the reason why the Avivi company developed a special module for the box edition, and Bitrix24 applications for the cloud one; they allow the use of Dialogflow with an unlimited number of any open lines. 

How does it work? 

Avivi's solution does not only allow you to use Dialogflow along with Bitrix24, but also removes a wide range of the issues associated to the simultaneous connection of the several open lines. The owners of the Bitrix24 box editions get the Dialogflow integration Module for use, which works in parallel with the system, and, thus, is not exposed to updates or customization of other elements. Everything that is needed from a customer is a Google bot ID and the access to Dialogflow — you can learn everything in the user's account. 

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Using these data, the Avivi team will be able to register the bot in Bitrix24. That's it: the bot starts to process the requests of the customers and communicates with people within the respective open lines instead of the company employees. The synchronization of Bitrix24 and Dialogflow will depend on the number of bots you use. If it's the same for all the lines, it will not take a lot of time. However, if you have a separate bot for each of the opened line, then each one of them will need to be connected individually. 

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How to take advantage of the offer?

For the bitrix 24 self hosted edition users, the solution for the integration with Dialogbox looks less sophisticated: you submit an application to the Avivi company managers and upon approving the terms of reference, providing access to the system, payment and introduction, the chatbot helps you earn more. 

The cloud service users additionally need to take care about the server which will store our solution. In case these matter already seems too complicated, there is no need to worry: Avivi provides everything you need on more favorable terms than other providers. We want your business to be successful with the help of our customized solutions of the additional functionality for Bitrix24.  

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