Updating the display of the lists in Bitrix24

4 November 2021

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida


Vyacheslav  Nahnybida
Updating the display of the lists in Bitrix24

Probably every enterprise has used Excel spreadsheet in their daily work, and I am not talking about the analogue of the CRM system here, as it is totally unrelated.  The simple books of the electronic tables are good for convenient structuring of the vast amounts of data and information for any kind of need. Bitrix 24 CRM is already equipped with a similar functionality — the Lists. This is a powerful tool that allows to solve a variety of major issues and process arrays of data. Every day the system gets even more advanced, and currently, we are talking about the update of displaying the lists in Bitrix24. But why are they needed and what does the update offer when using them?

Lists in Bitrix24

First, let's take a closer look at how the lists work. To begin with, this is a convenient tool to store the data of your company, where you can manually adjust the structure and margins. Using the lists simplifies the work of the employees within your corporate portal. The functionality presents the following advantages: 

  • The data is stored in a cloud storage; If you have access rights, you are able to remotely edit and add the new items; 

  • Using the filters allows the employee to easily find the required item; All information is stored according to clusters and groups allowing to segment the information within the system;

  • The possibility to automatize the document flow; The possibility to customize the autofill function to eliminate mistakes due to a human factor;

  • A nice bonus: you can automatically work with the lists using Bitrix24 business processes. Only the administrator can create the lists, while in the box edition they are located under the Service tab.

Updating the display

Bitrix24 issued an update with a new option of displaying the list — Entity selection dialog. Using a new row, you would be able to quickly find the requested value, as the more information there is in your lists, the harder it is to find the right one. You can find this row in the Entity card. Just open the field settings and chose the Entity Selection Dialog option. Then, save the change. You can change the displaying of the list directly in the card, or in the CRM system settings. Thus, it would be easier for the managers working with the CRM cards to find the required area in the list and apply its value in each case.

Customized actions with the lists in Bitrix 24

The Avivi team has already thoroughly studied the functionality of the Lists and has developed several solutions to improve their efficiency. This entails the customized development of the possibility of group editing in all Bitrix24 fields. The experts found the way to activate the group editing mode in any location of displaying the list's elements, and to broaden the possibilities of the field editing functionality. The functionality of the group editing is available at any location displaying the list's elements. We have also equipped the modernized component with the editor that is able to record editable data in the correct formats depending on the type of the field.

The lists for a greater efficiency of the processes

As you see, the lists can be helpful when a user often needs to select a field value out of many different options. Many users, unfortunately, are not familiar with the possibilities of this functionality, and, thus, continue to perform routine actions on a daily basis instead of just a few clicks of a mouse. Now, with the introduction of the updated display of the lists, this has become even more convenient. So use all the features of Bitrix24, and if you need to create or customize the lists — contact Avivi managers. 

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