A pig in a poke and Bitrix24 integration

“Where is your company in the list of sales of Bitrix24?” — someone recently asked our sales manager on the phone, having first asked about the purchase of an inexpensive tariff. “We are in the top ten, but the main thing is that we have one of the largest teams of certified developers for Bitrix24 and ...” - they hung up the phone without hearing the answer. This article is written for those who will also pick up soon the phone to look for a contractor to work with Bitrix24: what to look for and where to be alert.

“Pack up!” — an article about moving from the cloud into the on-premise in Bitrix24

Proper use of Bitrix24 inevitably brings benefits to its owners, and this means the business development. Consequently it’s an increase in the load and the need for new CRM-system tools. This is a vicious circle, which is successfully expanded in the conditions of the on-premise version by updating the existing one or creating custom functionality. But if you have a cloud version, then over time in the cloud will become quite crowded.

7 Reasons not to implement Bitrix24!

As the CEO of the Bitrix24 integrator company, I see the CRM implementation processes from both the potential customer’s side and my employees’ side: managers, programmers, and marketing specialists. Relying on multiple cases, as well as personal experience, I want to save time, money and nerves of many who want to work with CRM.

Bitrix24 — Sites!

23 October 2018

Oleg Kravpa

Junior back end developer

Bitrix24 — Sites!
Bitrix24 — Sites!

Who wants a new site? To be honest, everyone wants, even if you already have a couple. It is a human nature to want something new and good. And there is another side of the coin: when the new site is vitally indispensable, and quickly... That's about this we will talk further!

Always within your reach – mobile Bitrix24

If you work with Bitrix24, then you do not have to sit in the office. Take a mobile phone or tablet, download a mobile application and go on a hike, go on a trip around the world - everything you need is with you. In some cases, do not even need access to the Internet :)

How to Properly Customize the Bitrix24 Template, and what are the consequences?

People tend to "tailor" the surrounding things to their presentation. And if, for example, everything is clear with furniture or clothes, changing the appearance of the CRM-system is not such an innocuous occupation, which may seem at first glance.

All documents of Bitrix24

26 July 2018

Vyacheslav Nahnybida

PR Manager

All documents of Bitrix24
All documents of Bitrix24

The Bitrix24 Documents is one of the most recent updates. Simplified work with the archive, search and "cloud" carriers, but this is not all that you can implement in your business. Read more in the article!

Bitrix24 vs. Salesforce

05 July 2018

Slava Nahnybida

PR Manager

Bitrix24 vs. Salesforce
Bitrix24 vs. Salesforce

“To punch or not to punch?” is a question that rivals should consider before getting into a conflict. Especially when it comes to a competition between global projects with million-dollar budgets and ambitions of world domination in the field of CRM. It’s time to witness the crucial battle and decide who is the best.

Bitrix24 Telephony: How not to Miss a Single Call

How often do you lose a customer after the first failed phone call? What do you do to avoid it? Telephony is the best tool. And in the following article, we tried to find out why :)

Star Wars in Bitrix24

This is saga about why your IT guy won’t handle Bitrix24 installation on his own or why you need a Bitrix24 partner. 

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