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23 October 2018

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Oleg Kravpa

Junior back end developer

Oleg Kravpa
Bitrix24 — Sites!

«In the future there will be only two kinds of companies: 
the ones, who is in the Internet, and the ones, who are out of business» 
Bill Gates «Business @ the Speed of Thought», 1999.

In the modern online business component, that‘s the sites which are the tool that is able to actively sell products or services. There are possible options for various types of sites: from business cards and landing pages to sites, portals; from simple entertainment sites to complex service sites. All individually, but often one single site will not get off. For example, a one-day event landing page will be much more effective in attracting participants than any other option. And for the sale of goods that were staling in the warehouse of dead weight, a single-page site with an online drawing of a discount or a different marketing move is more suitable than an additional page of the catalog in an already existing online store.

It is also not rational to consider just sites without reference to CRM, which does not require the additional explanations. Thus, the process of creating a new site from scratch, its optimization and integration takes a lot of time, pulls a lot of money from customers and thereby inhibits business development where they should be stimulated to the contrary.

Where do sites come from?

Sites in our time are created not only by “computer guys” (as IT people are called by a huge number of people). Owners of both cloud and boxed versions of Bitrix24 can realistically create their own website from scratch, without a long study of web technologies.

For this there is a great tool - Website Builder. He appeared in the update "Tokyo", but somehow did not receive due attention, because of the hype around a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the program.

How to work with this?

The main idea of ​​the site builder is that the user can solve most of the tasks simply by clicking the mouse: drag and drop ready blocks, change the look of the pages, add or remove the necessary information, change the color and design of the prepared templates. The result is a full-fledged site, optimized, moreover, for different devices (desktop, tablet and phone).

If you use the commercial version of Bitrix24, the designer is fully accessible. In the free version, this functionality is also present, but with a restriction:

  • Only one site is available;

  • You can’t tie your domain;

  • Not all the libraries are available.

The site can have as much pages as one wants in any version.

The ability to link a site to your domain name is an important function if you plan to present the created site as an independent one that represents the company. The second-level domain name is also required if you plan to promote the site in search results.

I want it now. What do I need for this?

To create a website you need your own portal Bitrix24, in the left menu you can find a link with the name “Sites”. After the transition, you will have the opportunity to create a new site and a list of previously created sites will be displayed. At the time of writing, 33 cows are available ... Sorry, 33 ready-made templates :)

There is also an empty template that is needed to create a template from scratch. This is a very important point that will allow you to give the site a unique look. And if you use the right design solutions, in the future these blanks can be used to quickly create new sites in the same style.

In each created site you need to create a set of pages, they in turn consist of ready-made blocks. There are many ready-made components available in the constructor, among which you can find the headline, the columns, the menu and the site headline, the basement, the CRM form, the contacts, etc. If you place a CRM form block on a page, then site visitors will be able to send notifications that will go straight in your Bitrix24. Each component that is placed on the page can be customized using the visual editor. All blocks have a different set of customizable parameters: starting from the font and color settings to display on different types of screens. For example, the setting of the card component is as follows:

The site builder also includes the ability to create extensions and installation from Bitrix24 Marketplace. This allows make possible to create their own blocks for the visual construction of pages. For example, in the future it is quite possible the emergence of product catalog permissions, an analogue of an online store catalog, with the possibility of ordering, or a search unit, or even a personal account!

In the site settings, you can set additional parameters, such as the site address, change the icon, set up the background, connect analytics, set up your 404 page, set up robots.txt, write your css styles and add your html:

In October, the new updates prepared for the Sydney version will appear in Bitrix24 website builder. We will tell about it in the following articles.

Thus, the sites every day become much more accessible and functional. This does not mean that “computer guys” will no longer be needed - in the first place, that everyone will be able to personally bring their website closer to the ideal. And Bitrix24 has already taken care of this.

We also recommend a video review of the site constructor from the company “Avivi” on our channel:

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