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26 July 2018

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida

PR Manager

Vyacheslav Nahnybida
All documents of Bitrix24

«That txt file is the bad one, which don’t dream to became a DOCX», says a user’s joke. The evolution of electronic documents began with the simplest text files and did not end until now even in cloud services. Accessibility and ease of use of files is a priority and Bitrix24 provides its customers with a wide range of capabilities.

Document is not only a text

First, you need to understand which documents are important for working in CRM. The first of them, of course, is the spreadsheet. In fact, the CRM itself is based on a database table, which is overgrown with various useful functions. Therefore, tables in XLS (XLSX) and related formats are vital. The information is imported from them (the database of leads, for example) and they download data from Bitrix24 or many of its applications.

Without text files, no work at all is possible. Whether official documents or internal materials - in any case, DOC and its "older brother" DOCX are easily imported and edited on the disk of corporate portals Bitrix24.

The same applies to PPT presentation files (PPTX). But the work of Bitrix24 with some other formats containing images can be pleasantly surprised by its friendliness! This CRM displays more than 30 image formats, including even PSD (Adobe Photoshop files). This greatly simplifies the work of all users who are dealing with visualization. Bitrix24 doesn’t get down to edit such files, but now the approval of the layout does not require multiple manipulations and the corresponding software on your computer.

To work by oneself is not effective

Perhaps many remember how recently the work with documents took away not only a lot of time, but also got on nerves. And we are not even talking about the era of removable media, such as floppy disks! Just a couple of years ago, the work with documents resembled a badminton: continuous sending/receiving files by e-mail, making edits and sending/receiving... The real revolution was the ability to combine the access to documents on external resources: many people could see and change the general information.

Bitrix24 is very "loyal" to external links (with One-Drive, Google-Drive, Dropbox), but they are no longer needed for CRM. All connected users can edit any of the available documents on the corporate portal drive. The right to do so is given by either the author of the document or the administrator. For such work, there is no need for a permanent connection to the Internet, and the functionality is no different from typical cloud services, since CRM is already integrated with MS Office Online. Any changes to the document by someone are fixed and there is always the possibility to "roll back" the progress to the desired version. CRM provides a social component of work with documents: the downloading of the new files is displayed in the "Live tape", where you can immediately add comments or, at least, put "like."

The owners of box versions of Bitrix24 have a special advantage: their documents do not fly in the clouds, but lie quietly on their own and much better protected servers.

As a result of this approach to the issue of document processing, Bitrix24 clients save time considerably. And this is an important indicator in the modern world.

Useful games

Do you remember from childhood how to play with the constructor? If not, you will have to remember, because Bitrix24 has a very useful function, which is not known to many yet. The document constructor in CRM is not just a tool for assembling on the principle of "Ctrl + C Ctrl + V". This option is called "Thunderstorm of the secretary", because its use critically reduces the time for office managers to prepare the same type of documents.

When working with clients, we need to use the documentation, such as a bill, an invoice, a power of attorney, a price list, an offer etc. The document costructor allows you to create templates of documents, where the key fields are bound to Beatrix24 entities. Thus, forming, for example, an account for a ready-made template, you need:

  • To choose a deal;

  • To choose a template of a bill;

  • To put a button “Print”.

Client’s name, counterparty details, transaction amount, discount and everything else Bitrix24 will pull directly from the CRM.

The template blanks, which you can customize at your own discretion, are available for users. Editing occurs both inside the CRM, and there is an opportunity to download the prepared document. So far it’s only in the DOCX format, but Bitrix is rapidly developing the direction of work with documents.

We need to mark, that the games with the designer are not as scary as it might seem at first sight. Yes, the template should carry  the different tags that link its fields to the Beatrix24 entities. It’s possible to write a template even in the form of an HTML document, which any IT person in the technical department will cope with. Also, you always can enlist the help of Bitrix partners24, for which the adjustment of your documents to the form of the template will not be difficult. In return, you will receive a set of templates for any necessary document. And you can fire the secretary.

Think of profit

If we speak objectively, using Bitrix24, you may quite not be wasted on purchasing a licensed office software. The possibilities of CRM are enough to bring together not only all customers and employees, but also the entire workflow of your firm. Using the documents on the corporate disk, to lose any file (or not saving changes to it) will become much more difficult, and the availability of the shared access will expand the capabilities of staff and will reduce the time of unnecessary and tedious movement of files from one executor to another.

And what will you do then with the free time? Think about the new opportunities for profit! This is always a useful pastime.

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