A "thing" that only gets in the way or the first effective assistant — why is the integration of Bitrix24 and CoPilot worthy of attention?

23 February 2024

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Ivan Bocharov


Ivan Bocharov
A "thing" that only gets in the way or the first effective assistant — why is the integration of Bitrix24 and CoPilot worthy of attention?

In recent years, the topic of artificial intelligence has emerged almost everywhere where a neural network can be applied: in science, business, culture, education, and even home management systems. While AI arouses considerable interest among ordinary users, some companies are parasitic on the global popularity of neural networks. Let's be honest: not always an attempt to use artificial intelligence ends successfully and has practical benefits for the user. This is explained both by a rather small amount of knowledge about the capabilities of AI, and by misguided attempts to connect the electronic brain with technology where it is absolutely not needed. However, the implementation of CoPilot in Bitrix24 workflows turned out to be an extremely effective and promising solution. And then Avivi experts will share their experience, why so.

What happened before CoPilot?

Attempts to attract a virtual "assistant" to Bitirx24 have been made for a long time. At first, internal developments claimed this role, but the matter did not progress beyond unsuccessful attempts. Already in 2021, the section "AI Laboratory" appeared among the sections of Bitrix24, where all solutions related to the use of neural networks were to be gathered.

First in line here were ready integrations with third-party assistant programs. The main one was the solution for Google Assistant, and for users from Asia, the assistant Alice from the developers there was also offered. Then the interaction was reduced to voice control: the user had to connect his assistant to Bitrix24 using a 9-digit code and then dictate his commands using a smartphone or a speaker, as for controlling a smart home.

Of course, this solution worked best with the Bitrix24 mobile application. However, the functionality was too limited. By voice, you could create a new task, make a note, add an event to the calendar, create a post in the feed and a few more primitive functions. Therefore, it was useless to talk about an effective assistant in Bitrix24 until the last system update.

It is worth mentioning another option in the section — AI24 Scoring of Leads or Deals. A neural network was really used here, which required training on the data of your CRM and that artificial intelligence, which remains unknown to the last. The Bitrix24 developers themselves said that the system transfers data from your Corporate Portal to the company's servers for processing, and a ready-made result is returned. Other details were not disclosed.

Agree, it is difficult to call all previous attempts truly successful. It's more like a long process of learning and exploring possibilities through trial and error. And I have to say, it was worth it.

CoPilot does its job well

By the end of 2023, integration with CoPilot has become available in all Bitrix24 tariff plans and users from all over the world can appreciate the possibilities and benefits of AI. In the highest plans, the neural network helps to work with images, but help with textual content is present in absolutely all licenses of the product. For Windows fans, this is not a new assistant, although not everyone purposefully used it before on their computer.

Even long before the official release, insiders about the integration with the neural network began to leak into the network, which caused the greatest joy among ChatGPT supporters. However, instead of the service that made a lot of noise last year, CoPilot appeared and we want to say right away that it hasn't gotten any worse. As you know, the versions of ChatGPT for the general public may not always correctly perform the tasks you set, in contrast to the commercial ones, which work flawlessly, but require a considerable fee. Nothing like that was noticed for CoPilot, which treats all users equally. Also, this neural network has never been accused of misusing user-provided data. Such a reputation is of great importance for business projects.

Do not expect that only the presence of artificial intelligence in Bitrix24 will solve most of your problems. CoPilot is an assistant, not a slave or even an employee. The network learns with you and improves its skills with each task completed, but it should not completely replace you or your employees.

By default, 10 ready-made prompts for CoPilot from various areas of the company's work are available to users: developing an advertising campaign, creating the text of a letter, creating checklists, setting a task, etc. You can create your own prompts according to your business needs or find ready-made prompts from users in the Bitrix24 community.

However, even without additional settings, CoPilot from the beginning has many useful functions that will certainly come in handy for every user of the system. In our opinion, the three most important are:

  • The ability to analyze the text and make generalizations (invaluable for familiarization with large arrays of information);

  • Converting audio to text — solves the problem of decoding recordings of telephone conversations or video conferences;

  • Text generation. No details here — the software can write anything: from a detailed description of tasks for subordinates to poetic greetings of colleagues on the holidays in the company's feed.

It is better to try than to study the experience of others

Each assistant is created to facilitate the work of a person, so the first task of each such program is not to disturb the user. In the case of the integration of Bitrix24 with CoPilot, we at Avivi can say with confidence that this task has been accomplished perfectly. As long as the AI has not learned from your business cases to create flawless tasks, it will perfectly perform the functions laid out for it by its creators. And this actually reduces your time and helps. Unlike previous attempts at involving artificial intelligence, this one looks confident and clear. So, in the future, the neural network will become more perfect, and together with it, the performance of your Bitrix24 will increase.

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