Avivi Has Captured 45% of the Global Market

6 December 2019

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Alexei Kovbasiuk


Alexei Kovbasiuk
Avivi Has Captured 45% of the Global Market

In 2015, Bitrix24 created a world map to display all the users of its product (the release of the Madagascar version). Later on, the map became interactive and is now publicly available on the Bitrix24 website. The map is often used in presentations; in fact, it has been instrumental in assigning geographical names to the product updates. Except Ukraine, Avivi has a foreign office in Maimi and shares IT-sphere with Top Software Development Companies in Miami, FL. So developers always wonder about their clients: e.g., their locations and occupations. And, of course, our company, too, wanted to know that. So, one day, after we had a meeting, we decided to figure out who benefited from Avivi's services when using Bitrix24 for the development of their businesses.

How We Counted

The task was not an easy one, considering that more than five years had passed since the management’s decision to choose a niche for implementing Bitrix24 CRM and developing its custom functionality. As it happens, some of our employees have left, others have joined, and some records got lost. However, thanks to this very CRM, which we have ourselves actively used, everything that entered the system automatically, or was entered by the managers, was still there, starting from the very first lead. So, basically, we had plenty of data.

As we processed the data, our employees decided to keep records only of the winning transactions. This was a right thing to do, and it was honest: if, let’s say, we counted every question or query we received, then we could have easily covered the entire planet, except, maybe, for Greenland and Antarctica, and several other regions that were not exactly business-friendly. Therefore, we counted only the countries whose residents generated revenue for our company. And, of course, each country counts only once.

Applied Gamification

Even though sorting through gigabytes of information in search of countries may at times be incredibly exciting, one could hardly call this a fun job. Here, we should credit our HR specialist Yana who enlivened this process in a very original way. A scratch off map of the world that she got was a perfect fit for this task. We hang the map on the wall and took turns scratching off the top foil area from each new country. The right of precedence remained with the sales, which performed the transactions. If it was the same employee, the right passed to the project manager. In this case, the mechanism is not that important, for the main thing in the process was the teamwork. As our company values it the most, working with the map turned out to be engaging and brought out lots of positive emotions in the team. And, as a bonus, we've got a new important decoration in our office.

карта универсальна.png


Make a long story short, here are the countries where the Bitrix24 users became our clients: Ukraine, Russia, U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jamaica, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, Austria, New Zealand, Belarus, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, Indonesia, Estonia, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Spain, Colombia, Portugal, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. A total of 31 countries, or 44.89% of the entire world.

Let’s not forget that the company’s preliminary goal in terms of the global coverage is 100%. Although the partial result is quite pleasant, it’s not final. Of course, our success greatly depends on the product we choose. Had Avivi focused on another CRM, the results could have been worse. However, Bitrix24’s continuous improvements give our team confidence in the future and encourage us to scale new heights ahead.

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