An effective solution from Avivi for automating the work of site visitors with FAQs through Bitrix24 and integration with ChatPDF

14 July 2023

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Slava Nahnybida

PR manager

Slava Nahnybida
An effective solution from Avivi for automating the work of site visitors with FAQs through Bitrix24 and integration with ChatPDF

Frequently Asked Questions or simply FAQ, an integral section on the site for customers of any business. This is where the answers to the most incomprehensible questions for ordinary users, created according to the specifics of your company's business processes, are concentrated. Someone may have 2-3 points here, but if the business is large, it reaches hundreds of pages of printed text. The pain for businesses is that users don't want to spend time searching for answers on their own, especially if there are multiple questions. Leaving people without help or ignoring their questions is not just a bad tone, but also a direct threat of losing potential customers, so you need to solve the FAQ in any case. And now Avivi brings you a custom solution for Bitrix24 that makes it easy, efficient and inexpensive. Do you think this does not happen? Well, here we go!


Our team has repeatedly solved customer problems with technical support. We set up communication channels with end customers and developed ticket systems for Bitrix24, made user portals in Python and developed assistants for Telegram. But requests from customers are becoming more and more difficult, so the solutions should be more complex and expensive accordingly. But rather unexpectedly, new revolutionary technologies, such as ChatGPT , and similar neural networks that use artificial intelligence, broke into the world market. And this significantly changed the situation for the better in many areas of the developers' work and gave new opportunities in routine matters.

So, when customers once again approached us with a request to develop a mechanism to help process questions from customers in Bitrix24, Avivi experts were ready to offer a completely new solution. It required three times less hours for development than the previous popular options - only about 25-30 hours, depending on the version of Bitrix24 and the CMS of the site that the end customers visit. In addition, the solution almost completely excludes the human factor, except for those cases when the user asks something that is completely unrelated to the FAQ.

Briefly about the idea and ChatPDF

We are sure that you are already familiar with hype ChatGPT and its capabilities in communicating with live people. So ChatPDF is the same, but in working with text contained in PDF files. The service offers to download the desired file or provide a link to a PDF document on the Internet. Then the algorithms analyze the text and the chatbot of the service is ready to communicate with you about its essence. You can write any questions in free form and artificial intelligence will search for answers in this text. The service provides detailed and complete answers, as if a live interlocutor.


Main advantages of ChatPDF :

  • A fast and simple cloud service that does not require any special conditions for use;

  • Communicates in any language of the world;

  • Correctly processes information and formulates comprehensive answers based on the text;

  • It has ready-made and described APIs for integration;

  • Processes documents containing up to 100 pages of text in one file;

  • Commercial use requires Premium, which costs… $5 per month. There are simply no other plans here.

The essence of our idea is extremely simple: using the API, we integrate the service with Bitrix24, connect its chatbot to an open line and provide a database with PDF documents containing detailed answers to frequently asked questions from customers. And Bob's your Uncle!

A solution from Avivi for Bitrix24

First of all, we created a new module in Bitrix24 on- premise of our customers. This greatly simplifies the task, as it solves problems with placing documents on the server and many other technical points. Setting up the interaction of the platforms takes place through a webhook . To do this , you need to get an API key in your personal account in ChatPDF and place it in the required field of the module. The module also stores the chatbot interaction code with the document database.


The next step is to upload documents. It should be noted that in the future customers can independently add new PDF files through the Bitrix24 dashboard . Artificial intelligence independently determines the essence of the site visitor's question and is guided by keywords in the text. So the more documents you upload to the system, the easier it will be for the bot to form a competent answer to the question. There are no strict requirements for creating a PDF - any office program for typing text will do. However, it is worth paying attention to grammar. And most importantly, on the essence of the texts. After all, artificial intelligence perceives what is written as truth. So if you provide the system with incorrect information, it will not be guilty of misinforming the site visitors.


Now the chatbot is completely ready for use: connect the chatbot to a free open Bitrix24 line and choose a communication channel with the client. The widget is best suited for site visitors . So now, when one of the customers has an urgent question, the ChatPDF chatbot will greet him in the widget and search for answers among the PDF texts. The entire communication history is stored in the Lida card. And if the chatbot does not find the right answer, the responsible employee of the company receives a notification and can join the dialogue instead of artificial intelligence.


As you can see, the solution to support visitors to the company's website has been found and is working. But that's not all, because it's not just third-party users who benefit from the integration. Since Bitrix24 has a new chatbot, it can work not only for external users, but also for internal ones. Thus, a new artificial interlocutor appears in the list of Bitrix24 chats , which can become a reliable assistant for your employees. The chatbot finds answers to any questions contained in PDF files, so it will become a useful assistant and strengthen the Company's Knowledge Base.


Avivi specialists will be happy to help you organize customer support using Bitrix24 and more. We will listen to your ideas and offer the best solutions for the prosperity of your business!

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