The Functional Module for Managing Working Days and Off Days

27 April 2018

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Lana Ruban

Project Manager

Lana Ruban
The Functional Module for Managing Working Days and Off Days

Avivi developers have created a universal Easy Leave module for managing leave days and off days via the Bitrix24 platform. The supplement for the self-hosted solution allows the automatic calculation of leave days and the control over the simultaneity of employees’ absence.   

Let’s look into the capabilities of this new module inside Bitrix24. 

1. Working hours

By default, Bitrix24 provides an overview of every user’s working days. The administrator approves or edits the specified schedules, and this way the agreed days of absence are displayed in the Calendar.  

Worktime Easy Leave by Avivi

2. Requests and approvals

Запрос на отпуск.jpg

Employees can send their leave requests from the activity stream using the Leave Request business process. The workflow will be successfully completed only when all conditions are met. The leave must be approved by the manager or supervisor. The module will help employees to immediately see the amount of days available to them for leave and allow them to attach files indicating the reason for their leave request, without having to bother the HR. 

The page also displays the status of the presence or absence of off days:

“You have used all your off days” or “You have used more than 3 days of the amount available to you.”

The default functionality in Bitrix24 works similarly for a business trip. An employee sends a request to the manager; after it is approved, the program automatically creates tasks for preparing the necessary documents: financial and HR records, hotel and flight ticket booking. Upon the return, the request submitter will have to complete the process by submitting a detailed report, a list of expenses and receipts.

The administrator can customize the amount of monthly leaves for each employees. For example, a user gets two paid leaves and one sick leave per month, or one and a half days of leave per month, depending on the company policy.

3. Absence chart

By default, a calendar with any type of leave is integrated in the Bitrix24 system. All the information about employees’ potential dismissals and leaves is stored in the absence chart. You can use the module to monitor the absence history of each employee. Records of users who have ordered a leave are displayed automatically. Employees who are absent from the office doing ordinary business (like having lunch with a customer) can be added to the absence chart from a personal calendar. This process does not require approval. To confirm the request for a sick leave an employee must attach the relevant documents concerning the state of their health. 
Filters in the management system allow to review the absence chart for the entire company, as well as for a specific department, or team.

диаграма отсутствия.png

To improve planning, we have added a function of yearly review. This page contains a list of leave days available, which is automatically updated every month. The module will help you monitor how many employees take leaves on the same dates and which days remain free throughout the year. 

Available days for paid leaves are calculated automatically.

4. Leave/Time

Bitrix24 will help you customize detailed request forms with special scripts. Leave and Business Trip are two forms of requests that are provided in the Bitrix24 package. If an employee is planning a leave, whether it be a maternity leave, a business trip, a sick leave, or an unpaid leave, you have to run the request through the Bitrix24 activity stream. 

If the leave template is run for the first time, the administrator configures the parameters of the workflow through the Settings functions. Upon that, employees can start using the request form template.

To submit a leave request, employees must specify the dates of their absence as well as the reason for it. The request is automatically sent to the appropriate manager in charge of that employee, and once it has gotten final approval, it goes to the HR department for processing. You have to indicate who is responsible for the final approval of leave requests (to facilitate the process, you can select several individuals).

When the leave is approved or declined, a notification arrives. The request status will be updated in the activity stream. You can find all the requests left in the Workflows > My Requests section.

Once all employees involved in the process have approved the request, it is sent back to the requesting employee to complete the approval. After the process is complete, the system will show the updated status of the process.

5. Business Process Designer

бизнесс процесс Eng.jpgThe Business Process Designer in Bitrix24 is a simple visual and user-friendly interface that does not require the technical knowledge of development. All employees can easily get used to it simply by using it.  

Setting up the workflow structure in Bitrix24 is suitable for any request options. It can be used by educational institutions, non-profit organizations, religious and municipal organizations, state and federal agencies.

Write to us to get a convenient module to manage working days and leave days. Your next step is to pay for the Easy Leave internal module and enter your IP address. We will send you the installation archive on the same day or install it for you ourselves. 

Employees of your company will be able to enjoy their leave without any extra applications, long processes to get approvals, or waste of working time.

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