Let's build effective sales tunnels in Bitrix24!

27 December 2022

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Slava Nahnybida

PR manager

Slava Nahnybida
Let's build effective sales tunnels in Bitrix24!

The sales funnel is an analytical tool for visual representation of the path your customer takes from the moment of first contact with an offer to the closing of the deal. By knowing your own business, you determine the various stages of this process, the metrics by which you measure the efficiency of the company's employees, and you also always understand at what stage this or that deal is. In Bitrix24, the funnel is built according to the Kanban method. However, the presence of a sales funnel implies only one vector of activity — in the direction of selling a specific product or service. One funnel will not be able to accommodate several offers at once, say the sale of facial skin care products and the provision of masseur services, although your company can do both at the same time. The only way to organize an efficient operation in such a case is to create multiple sales funnels for deals from each individual offer. All this is possible with Bitrix24.

The direction of the agreement

In Bitrix24 commercial tariff plans, unlike other software products, it is possible to create several directions for deals — that is, several funnels. If you work according to the scheme with leads, then after converting a lead into a deal, an additional option to choose its direction appears. If there are no leads, the deal can be created immediately in the desired sales funnel.


You can create and edit deal directions directly from the "Deals" section in CRM. Here you can quickly switch between different funnels from the list. Each direction has its own unique set of statuses, conditions, triggers and robots. Deals can be moved from one direction to another if needed. In any case, the ultimate goal of any deal is to make a profit and accumulate useful information for further sale.

Sales tunnels

This concept began to be actively used by domestic digital marketers at the end of 2017 and was associated with the rapid growth in popularity of various messengers. If until now the main way of obtaining leads for the funnel was e-mail or a form on the website, now the process of communication in chats has been reduced several times and allows you to actively involve bots here. In this way, it became possible to create sales funnels that in a matter of minutes collect all the necessary information from the lead, "drive" it through various possible funnels until the fact of purchase. There was also a new specialty of the architect of sales tunnels, whose task is to set up the process and think through its logic in depth.


The "Sales Tunnels" tool in Bitrix24 allows you to independently configure the interaction of various funnels. The designer looks quite simple and clear: a graphic display of all directions of deals opens before you with stages and the ability to create deal transitions from one funnel to another. Right from here, you can edit any stage in each funnel, including jobs, that is, try your hand at being an architect.

It is worth noting that the system actively helps the user understand not only the construction of tunnels, but also the optimization of his work. In addition to reference materials, you will find here the "Sales Generator" tool, which helps to increase the influence on the customer's mood to make a purchase, inform about favorable conditions, etc.

Our first sales tunnel

It is best to show an example of a practical construction of the logic of this tool. For this, Avivi will show how it happens on the example of our funnels. All requests from customers regarding the new implementation of Bitrix24 fall into the “frombitrix” funnel. Communication with international customers takes place in the "IFS DEAL" pipeline with the requirement of all international standards. So we have at least two funnels, and this is quite enough to create the first tunnel.

When we receive an application for the implementation of Bitrix24, we anticipate that the client may need additional services: changing the tariff plan, custom development, integrations, etc. Thus, after the successful closing of the previous deal, we can automatically redirect the client's application to another pipeline. You can do this in Bitrix24 with one mouse movement:


Now automatically after completing actions in the "frombitrix" direction, our deal will move to the first stage of the "IFS DEAL" direction. This is the simplest example of working with tunnels, so we complicate the example with one more circumstance. During regular negotiations, it may turn out that the customer's tariff plan does not meet his customization needs or the number of employees has increased to a critical maximum. This is a good reason to offer the client to increase the tariff plan! Therefore, in the "In progress" stage, we add a trigger with the condition about the need for a new license agreement with automation tools:


If the manager leaves a mark about the inconsistency of the tariff plan in the required field of the Agreement, it will move directly from this stage back to the "frombitrix" sales funnel along the path specified by us:


As you can see, designing sales tunnels in Bitrix24 is not difficult and too exciting. The functionality of the software product allows you to simulate almost any conditions under which the deal will move to another funnel. And the great possibilities of using robots make it possible to build even a car funnel. You know your business like no one else and can project possible options. And we, as experienced Partners of Bitrix24, will always help realize this idea!

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