Multicurrency solutions in Bitrix24 CRM

5 March 2019

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Viktor Magdin

Backend TeamLead

Viktor Magdin
Multicurrency solutions in  Bitrix24 CRM

Modern successful business cannot be limited to only one country in the world! With the help of the global network, you can sell your products or services everywhere, and using a CRM system will help to do it correctly and efficiently. However, the real difficulty of this process may be the question of currency. Of course, US dollars are used all over the world, however, customers from different countries prefer to use their currency for settlements, rather than bother with conversion. CRM gives us an advantage in the fight for each client, and our Bitrix24 developers are capable of “arming” you with the right “weapon” in this battle.

Standard functional

Bitrix24 can work with different currencies, but there is one big “but”. By default, in the settings of your portal, you must specify the base currency in which all monetary transactions will be carried out. How exactly this works can be found on the official website of the company-developer –

Thus, it is possible to work with currencies, but it is rather difficult. In addition, only one currency can be represented in one entity of the CRM. For the conversion, Bitrix24 uses manually entered values, which also takes a lot of time and can cause inaccuracies in calculations related to the jumps of quotations.

Solution of problems

Holders of on-premise versions of Bitrix24 can solve the problem of several currencies of their portal once and for all thanks to a solution from Avivi developers. Our refinement allows us to express the value of the products or services of the entity of the CRM in several necessary currencies. 

All you need to do is to include a new product, its value and choose in which currency it is. The system recalculates the value in other currencies and shows intermediate results (Subtotal) in all specified monetary units. The base value (Total) is displayed in the base currency of the Bitrix24 Portal. It is worth noting that all calculations are carried out taking into account possible discounts on the goods - the system will correctly calculate all your conditions and will give a clear result.

How does it work?

The most important thing about us is in the essence of the deal. Now, when concluding a new deal and adding goods to it, you cannot think about manual currency management! It does not matter in what currency their value is expressed - in the transaction we will receive a single amount, which Bitrix24 will calculate from the converted values of each commodity. 

You can also not worry about exchange rates: there is no need to change anything manually. The process of setting up sources for obtaining data on the ratio of different currencies will be individual for each client, since this depends on the partner bank. From a technical point of view, this can take from 3 to 5 hours of development, depending on the technologies your bank uses.

Not by deal alone!

The solution created by Avivi’s developers applies to all entities of the CRM that use currency, namely Lead, Transaction, Account and Offer. If you strive to develop your business and the borders of different countries of the world are not a hindrance for you - our development will be an excellent tool for you. We also recall that Avivi is among the Top Gold Partners of Bitrix24 in the number of certified developers who are capable of the most complex tasks. So, our programmers have solved another “unsolvable” problem in Bitrix24 - the possibility ofmulti-language in the on-premise Portal.

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