CRM Marketing Test

26 July 2018

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Anastasiya Olexuk


Anastasiya  Olexuk
CRM Marketing Test

You are an experienced manager with ten years of experience in the field. Your office in the center of the capital has recently been closed due to the outdated project management system. But you’re in luck! You start looking for a new job online, and fortune favors you: you get an invitation for a job interview from a young but promising company. You are a little embarrassed by the simplicity of the atmosphere. The deputy director is already waiting for you in a spacious office. You sit down in a plastic chair, nervously sorting out all the knowledge you have in your head. The deputy director suggests undergoing a brief Bitrix24 CRM marketing test; you are confused but agree to try. 

The first question is quite simple: “What is CRM marketing and why do we need it?” 

Thinking back on past projects, you explain that CRM systems are convenient tools for targeted communications based on the knowledge of new as well as “old” customers. You can use it to create segments, mailings, special offers or send emails and SMS with new promos and discounts. Most importantly, you can give the customers what they wants: attention and concern for their personality. In an automated manner, of course. 

The director nods in approval and adds: “You have to use Bitrix24 to overcome customers by targeting.” But we’ll get to that.

A surprising question is directed at you: “What is segmentation? What is it about?”

You definitely know that any customer list is conventionally called a “segment.” The work with CRM marketing begins through that. You arrange customer contacts according to certain characteristics; for example, regular customers or leads worked with. Then you have to decide how to deal with these customers: either send a mailing to them or make an “outgoing call.” You immediately blacklist the customers who do not want to receive any messages from you, mailings, etc. It sounds cruel, but it makes everyone happy.

Segments can be: 

  • Static — you enter your data, and it does not change over time.

  • Dynamic — customers from this list are constantly changing their status. Someone has bought the product, another one has rejected it.

  • Predefined — a permanent template you don’t have to configure.

In conclusion, the director adds that the best way to create segments is through custom fields since this opens up more opportunities. When creating a new segment, don’t forget to indicate the status of your relationship with the customer/lead: a successful transaction, an unclear situation, or a complete failure. It is amazing that Bitrix24 filters a maximum of the new segment. You can even specify your customer’s favorite pet and send certain mailings of shrimp flavored dog food:)))

The atmosphere is getting amiable. You are ready to answer more questions while your hot coffee is getting cool. Yes, you’ve just been treated. The deputy director begins to tell a long story about his successful business. Then he goes on to tell you that he did his first mailing when he was 20 and wanted to borrow money from all his friends. He succeeded and thus went into marketing. It’s very easy to create mailings in CRM. All marketing is divided into mailings, advertising campaigns, and a sales generator. But the best way to start is the mailings. The deputy director insists that you tell him more about it. 

Deep into the theory, you begin to remember that the best tools for all offers and promos are mailing or bulk SMS. The conversion of such messages brings a better result than a phone call or even an ad.

The deputy director smiled and added that you hadn’t tried Bitrix24 yet. The user-friendly designer can make a whole work of art out of your message. But first things first. Before starting to work with mailings, you have to know that you have two options: either creating your own HTML template (even a child can do that) or using a ready-made template. Ready-made templates include possibilities such as triggering of an impulse buying, increasing profits, turning a lead into a customer, congratulating on a birthday, sending an invitation to an event, and even awaking a sleeping customer. Template texts are divided into two types: serious and comical. The icon of the informal mailing text is a pepper. But you can always change it to something else you might prefer. By the way, all mailings have the same templates. 

So, you have decided to congratulate your customer on their birthday by email (it is worth mentioning that you can’t experiment with the design in SMS, instant messengers, and info calls). Go to Start, choose the necessary fields, and start creating your masterpiece. It should be noted that the functionality is very flexible: you can choose typefaces, change the shape and color of the link button, specify the phone number of the company and even links to social media (the corporate-style design in 20 minutes is done!). All these are editable! On top of that, there is a preview for the mobile and desktop versions. 

The idiot’s dream has come true, you might think. But as the deputy director presents it, the operation through messengers is quite unclear. The support service indicates that you can connect Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc., but in reality, you can’t find the desired category simply because they aren’t there. Let’s cross it out.

Having received such important revelations, you go from defense to attack and ask, “What about the phone?!” 

In the Info Call, you type your text, set up the voice of the telephone answering device, and the trick’s done! It’s a great benefit that you can change languages, adjust the speed and volume of voice. But having listened to calls from Russian-speaking bots, even a grandma would understand that it’s a robot talking to her. There is no guarantee that the customer will believe and fall for this call. And calls and SMS are paid for at the rates set by your operator. 

The deputy director is meditatively silent and continues his story. But this time, about advertising. 

In general, in CRM marketing, you can conduct advertising campaigns using 4 sites: Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords, VKontakte, and Facebook + Instagram.  After synchronizing with your page, you can select the right audience from the ready-made list in the Ads Manager (for example, on Facebook). It is created on the platform itself (!). Experts advise to launch the targeting for regular customers. But you can effectively run the tickler file for the leads as well. The benefit is that we will save on the advertising budget, control the ad interaction statistics, and will not allow forgetting about our brand.

You look at your watch wearily, realizing that time is ticking. You suggest finishing it. The deputy director even gets a little upset but agrees. In conclusion, he tells you about a tool that has appeared most recently in CRM marketing — the Sales Generator for an automatic creation of repeated leads and transactions. 

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