CRM Bitrix24 helps the producers

26 July 2018

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida

PR Manager

Vyacheslav Nahnybida
CRM Bitrix24 helps the producers

When you are a producer of high-quality and demanded goods, the development of your business can be hampered by the selling of finished products. Even the best goods will not sell themselves. And to be engaged in sales for people who are specialized in production is not always effective. The involvement of intermediaries in this chain takes away part of the profits and does not exclude the possibility of losing time. That's why the integration of CRM helps the producers to develop their own business.

When you need to think about implementation of CRM?

To be honest, we must think about this right away. But every entrepreneur comes to this decision independently, analyzing the activities of his company. The main thing here is, as during an illness, do not delay. "CRM-pill" is able to prevent the aggravation of the state of the business, but this is not a panacea, when the troubles are already progressing. The main factors for starting the use of CRM can be:

  • Lack of new customers and loss of existing ones;

  • Confusion in the work of personnel responsible for communication with customers and sales;

  • A constantly growing database of products or the range of services provided;

  • Complex tools that you use in your work.

These simple truths are well known to people engaged in sales. But many manufacturers who do not have such experience lose time, money and can lose much more.

It’s not that easy

"The integration of CRM-system" are not only difficult words, but also a labor-intensive process. Cope with this independently is possible, but, at best, in a couple of years. You can find more details in our article "Star Wars in Bitrix24". As a rule, manufacturers begin to integrate CRM with an existing site or an online store, where customer and product bases are formed. In this case, these data need to be synchronized and here you can not do without attracting specialists. Avivi team carried out data transfer to Bitrix24 from different platforms, like Wordpress, GoogleDrive, Google BigQuery, AmoCRM, Calltoutch, Getresponse, DocuSign, LiqPay, Clearbit, Prom, Rozetka, Sputnik, Novaposhta and Ukrposhta. Sometimes, in order to CRM and the site "understand" each other, you had to create special applications designed to interpret the requests and responses of different systems.

However, when choosing a reliable partner in Bitrix24, these difficulties are easy to overcome. And the result from the implementation of CRM is palpable in very short lines, after the beginning of work.

Logic of actions

Bitrix24 solves questions about working with customers, automating processes and organizing staff activities, but this program can not think instead of the owner. In order for CRM to effectively perform its functions, it is necessary to think over the optimal algorithm of operation.

In our practice there was a case when the task was to distribute the zones of responsibility between three people: one retail manager and two wholesalers. Each person had to receive appeals from relevant clients and, in addition, the load should be distributed evenly among all participants in the process.

Only after the algorithm was tested many times and logically brought to the simplest sequence, the developers of Avivi compiled the code of the necessary operations. However, without the experience of solving such problems, adjusting the work would be very difficult.

Understandable, accessibly, effectively

Guests of your site do not care if you use CRM. The main thing for them is to purchase the desired thing or service comfortably. That's why you should take care that this process for them would be easy, fast and enjoyable as much as possible. Bitrix24 allows you to set up callback widgets, chat with the manager or a form of treatment on your former site, so that any client has several options for communication with your sales department. It is very convenient for both sides. The client does not need to search for contacts, calculate whether it is profitable for him to call your mobile phone number and much more. Your company, under any form of treatment, receives a new lead, since all widgets are already associated with CRM.

And, regarding, calls. Bitrix24 supports IP telephony and can be configured for different mobile and fixed line operators. All calls through CRM can be recorded and audited, which is important for both the manager and the director.

How much does it cost?

Of course, the question of value is always in the top. But in the case of integrating CRM for the producer of goods or services, you need to ask another question: "Are we working on or cutting production?" And if no one wishes to close the company, a CRM system needs to be implemented. Otherwise, over the time, the answer to this question will come itself and, unfortunately, it can consist only of words after the "or" part.

We should remark that when buying a license for a cloud or boxed version of Bitrix24 through Avivi, our customers always receive excellent bonuses: a discount on implementation packages and free development hours. Therefore, in the case of our cooperation in such a case, your total costs will decrease.

Avivi has been on the market for CRM services for more than 10 years. We know the problems of online shops, productions of different levels and problems of organizing the work of the team. We know them, as well as we know the ways to overcome them!

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