CRM Bitrix24 helps the developers

13 May 2019

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Vitalii Shvets

Sales Manager

Vitalii Shvets
CRM Bitrix24 helps the developers

In my opinion, the ability to sell your property when it exists only on paper is very good for construction companies (hereinafter referred to CC). And on the construction site, where the modern high-rise building will grow in the future, excavators are just starting to work. It is at this stage that the most saleable floors and layouts are sold, but this is information for buyers. But the profit for the CC is obvious even to the blind: it is an opportunity to raise capital for construction without entering into difficult family relationships with banks. From here comes the specificity of sales - to sell the air.

The role of sales department

All CC go two ways. The first of them is to give without creating your own sales department the entire implementation in the hands of realtors, rewarding them for it with a few % of the transaction amount. And the second option is to create your own sales direction with your own marketing. If in the first case, all questions on the organization of lead generation, negotiations with clients, presentations of objects and sales stages, the CC safely shifts the realtors, in the second case, this is a headache of its own. How to cure it and how to turn sellers from simple peasants with forks and axes into strong and equipped with the latest technology marines with a modern headquarters (in our case — a call center)? Just in this, the Bitrix24 system will help us very well, which, apart from CRM, includes a contact center and employee communication system within the company.

Very often, even a successful advertising campaign leads to the fact that a lot of potential customers are lost or poorly processed due to the lack of a streamlined communication system within the company. For example, a client called the office, and the employee at that time was on the phone with another client. Due to the illiterately planned working day of the sales manager, the client simply cannot get advice from him or go with him to the construction site.

The main pains of department

Consider an example when the CC works without CRM. So, there is the main office of the CC and several objects in the city with points of sales on each of them. Accordingly, each of them has a sales manager. In all advertising activities, the telephone numbers of the main office are indicated, where a girl with a pleasant voice sits and answers calls. Her task is to conduct a superficial consultation and direct the client directly to the construction site to the sales manager. Already at this stage there are many moments when the risk of losing a client is very high:

  • The client called while the contact center employee was already consulting another customer;

  • The client called, received a consultation and agreed to arrive at the site. The employee of the contact center gladly appoints him the time of the visit, but she does not know that the manager at this time agreed with another client to show the apartment and at that time will be at the construction site, and the local office will be closed. In such cases, the client has to wait from 10 minutes to an hour. Not everyone agrees on this;

  • OK, the client called, came to the site, talked to the manager and everything seemed to be fine, and he put the reservation for 7 days on the 2-room apartment No. 115 on the 5th floor in the second entrance. The client also asked to be called back after 3 days, and the time of the visit was set because his spouse would come from a business trip, and they want to see everything again together. And the client said that he has only 50% of the cost of the apartment and the money on the deposit, which ends in 11 days, so he wants an installment plan for 2 years, and after 2 weeks he will come immediately to the main office to conclude all contracts. But besides that, he is still interested in one of the garages in the basement of the house, which will begin to be sold only after 3 months and a storage room on the floor, on which the reservation should be available until tomorrow. And if it is not sold, then perhaps our client will buy it, provided that his spouse will also like it. Yes, everything seems to be clear and nothing bad is foreseen, the manager rubs his hands in anticipation of a future deal, but it’s still too early to rejoice, because a normal person (including our manager) will forget most of this information until the next morning. And there are on average from 3 to 5 of such customers per day. Each has his own conditions, requests and whims. As a result, in 2 days the manager will already forget half of the client’s needs. And even if he writes them down in a notebook or Excel table, it still does not help him, because the notebook will not remind the manager of the client, and his manager will not see that there is a potential client and he need to monitor the progress of communication with him.

What do we see? Disorder in the sales department, which inevitably leads to customer losses. Calls may be missed or recorded with errors, the manager may not always be available in case of a quick appointment at the facility, due to the fact that the call center employee does not see his actual hourly schedule for the day/week. Information about customers is recorded in disparate files or simply in ordinary notebooks, and is in different people. Because of this, it is not systematized, inaccessible to all and may be lost as a result of the dismissal of one of the sellers. The manager does not receive reminders and prompts that he urgently needs to schedule repeat meetings or guide the client to the deal.

The solution to the problem is to create an automated corporate space that will connect all the sales staff. A single system should record all actions (bookings, transactions, payments) of employees with real estate objects, include a work day planner, a lead processing system with certain stages and reminders for managers, a call center with voice menu and open channels (ideally, customized automatic answers to frequently asked questions) connected to social networks and instant messengers.

How does it look in Bitrix24?

I propose to consider the path of the client from the first contact to the conclusion of the transaction in the sales department of a construction company in which Avivi company successfully implemented the Bitrix24 system.

So, the call center receives a call from a client who is interested in real estate. At the same time, a lead is automatically created in the system immediately. After the conversation, the employee fills the lead card, assigns a deal in the sales manager's calendar on the site and at the same time assigns the lead to him.

After that, the client receives confirmation in the form of SMS or e-mail about the appointment of the date and time of the meeting at the point of sale at the construction site. At the same time, the manager receives a notification in Bitrix24 about a new lead and a meeting. And even if he is not at the laptop, but, for example, at a construction site, shows a client an apartment or makes a photo report on the progress of construction, he will still see a notification thanks to a mobile iOS/Android application.

On the day of the meeting, 3 hours before the appointed time, the system automatically sends an SMS to the client with a reminder, and a reminder pops up to the manager in Bitrix24. After the meeting, the client decided to put a reservation on the apartment he liked and asked for 3 days to make a decision (he wants to see other objects, consult his wife). The manager enters all the information received from the client in the “Comments” field, puts down the reservation and translates the lead into the status of the same name – “Reservation”. On the third day, thanks to setting up the lead stages and automatically generated notifications, the manager receives a reminder to contact the customer about the reservation. As a result of a timely reminder about himself, the client asks for several more hours and makes the decision about the purchase until the end of the day. The manager agrees with the client and makes an appointment at the main office of the company for execution and signing of the contract and subsequent payment, while simultaneously entering all the information into Bitrix24.

I think it is not worth mentioning that, as before, all participants receive confirmations and reminders, but apart from this, the task is automatically created for the office employee responsible for the execution of the contract. The whole process can be supervised by a manager. He sees all the activities of employees, their daily routine, the number of calls, meetings, reservation and sales. Bitrix24 allows for a few seconds to create and view any report for the entire department, and for each employee separately. This gives many advantages, for example, a report on leads in the context of sources, allows you to analyze the results of a marketing campaign, to abandon the ineffective directions of advertising and at the same time to increase activity, where it gives a visible result.

A report on lost leads by reason will highlight the most basic reasons why we lose a client. And if many customers say that you are expensive, then it may be worth revising the pricing policy, or in the future to take part in apartment planning, if your potential customers often say that they like the competitors’ planning more and therefore do not buy from you. Reports in the context of sales managers will show in great detail who of them is really trying and selling, and who may need additional training. Thanks to a variety of reports, the manager will keep abreast of sales in the literal sense - he will be able to see everything — from current calls, meetings, sales, to obvious directions for improving and developing the company, and as a result, make the most correct management decisions for it.

Build and sell

Thus, the system Bitrix24 is great for managing the sales department of a construction company. It will give you the opportunity to improve the organization of the sales process, show those shortcomings that you probably would not have noticed before its implementation. With Bitrix24, your construction business will become more profitable and competitive. Managers of Avivi company will be happy to demonstrate the capabilities of the system described above, as well as show effective tools that the article format does not allow to tell about.

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