TON did not live up to the predictions! What happens next?

8 December 2023

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Vyacheslav Askerov


Vyacheslav Askerov
TON did not live up to the predictions! What happens next?

At the beginning of 2022, it seemed that the project of the TON decentralized network, which had been buried alive, not only resurrected, but, quite frankly, aggressively broke into the media space with claims of unprecedented success. At that time, most experts in WEB 3.0 technologies and cryptocurrency markets were quick to comment on this move, such as "Take your time to act", "Sounds good, but...", "TONE is not as transparent as it seems" or even "Looks like an average scam ". This is not surprising, because after the quarrel with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) , the public refusal of the creators of the network from the startup, the return of a part (70%) of the collected investments and the disclosure of the source code on GitHab for everyone, it seemed that nothing could save the controversial idea. But time passed, there were both developers and those willing to support the project, and by the end of 2023 we are observing a great attempt to implement mass adoption using Toncoin and Telegram. The world of technology is extremely changeable and perhaps what we wrote next will not make sense. But now, considering the events of the past year and their own experience, Avivi experts want to share their own experience and answer the question: "What will happen next with TON".

TON and Telegram

On September 13, 2023, TON was again in the spotlight after some information lull . On this day, the news about the successful launch of a crypto wallet integrated with Telegram spread around the world . It became available to all users of the Telegram application , which at that time numbered more than 800 million. In terms of scale, this is one of the most massive events in the world of blockchain , when the technology of the WEB 3.0 world is successfully integrated into WEB 2.0 solutions. An interesting detail: in the desktop version of Telegram, the wallet does not open in the application window , as in the mobile one, but in a parallel window and can be freely moved around the screen, separately from the dialogs.


In fact, a wallet for cryptocurrencies has existed in Telegram for quite some time. Anyone could find a bot named @wallet that performed operations with Toncoin and even embedded the corresponding icon in the application interface . However, the 2023 wallet is not a bot, but an independent mini-app that works in the TON ecosystem and is part of the long-term development plan of the project. We will talk about this strategy later, but now let's list the real advantages of a crypto wallet in Telegram.


Let's start with this, because now every Telegram user has a wallet. If you have the application , but there is no wallet icon - no problem, go to the Telegram search and write the word " wallet ", click on the first result and all the tools will be added automatically. Unfortunately, the option is not available for users from the US, as the conflict with the SEC and the law is still not resolved. But it is a matter of time.

Ease of use

Users of crypto wallets know well how to deal with cryptocurrency and tokens . Internet addresses , logins and passwords, various services and commissions — all this is the competitive world of WEB 3.0 technologies, where it is not easy to understand. The Telegram wallet is characterized by high intuitiveness, simplicity of functions and a convenient, modern design without everything superfluous. So even someone who has encountered cryptocurrency transactions for the first time can master the wallet .

Recipients' addresses

Who can be the recipient of the transfer? That's right - every Telegram user. Even if the wallet is not yet configured in the application , a person can receive a transfer. In this case, the mini-app will send a receipt notification. Accordingly, in order to transfer cryptocurrency , you need to select a user from contacts in your own Telegram or find the right user, say by phone number or nickname .

Transfer speed

TON is considered one of the fastest networks, aiming to become the fastest overall. So transactions here are much faster than in other wallets. The transfer of Toncoins to Telegram users is completely free of commission.

Replenishment of the wallet

There are three options available in Telegram for crediting assets:

  • Replenishment by bank card;

  •  Purchase on the P2P exchange;

  • Replenishment from another wallet.

The commission is present, as in any other service, but it is more liberal in Telegram.

Transaction history

Available directly in Telegram, there is no need to go anywhere. Convenient and clear statistics of all operations, which can be viewed at any time. By the way, we highly appreciated the design of the transaction history, since we followed the same approach when creating statistics for the project " Social Media Posting " by Avivi.


Since the wallet works in the Telegram application, access to it is protected by two-factor authentication and multi-level encryption of data transmission. We will remind you that Telegram is one of the most protected social networks, which once even became the reason for the persecution of its author by the special services of the Russian Federation, who could neither hack the system nor get the necessary encryption keys from him .

Therefore, the integration of the cryptowallet became a significant step towards mass adoption, which is the goal not only for the creators of TON, but also for other decentralized networks and supporters of blockchain in general. The innovation also affected the value of Toncoin, which increased by 40% only in the first week after the release of the wallet. However, it is not enough to draw a conclusion about the success of TON based only on the example of Telegram's crypto wallet , so let's turn to the ecosystem development plan.

Achievements and plans

To begin with, it is worth saying that the TON project is not just a decentralized network or a crypto wallet , but a large-scale idea that is gradually being implemented and has very specific goals and objectives. The development plan for the entire ecosystem has been in existence since 2018 and is partially publicly available here . In general, the planning is developed until 2028.


At the time of writing this material, we are in the fourth quarter of 2023, so we can evaluate all the previous achievements of the team of creators of the project. And they are impressive and, most importantly, they are really brought to life. As you can see, the release of the crypto wallet belonged to the previous stage of development, as well as the release of the TON Space token, which is also available in beta mode . Ahead, we see the next important steps that are needed to improve the operation and integration with other networks, services and systems.

In general, it should be said that the TON ecosystem consists of a large number of various applications , each of which develops systematically, but unevenly. The blockchain works according to the Proof-of-stake method, although primarily the completely new Ipool method was used here . The main programming language of the project is Fancy , although some others are also present. The network itself consists of four levels:

  • Masterchain is the main one, where information about the protocol and all its components is stored;

  • Workchain — all transactions take place here and smart contracts are executed;

  • Shardchain is structurally also a workchain , but is responsible for a certain number of transactions;

  • Separate networks that make up shards.

The creators of TON do not hide that they adopted the idea of the organization from Gavin Good and even openly refer to it in some solutions. Indeed, it was revolutionary in 2017, although there are no special innovations in the development: the project is developing simply well and in step with the times, although not ahead of it.

However, this does not mean that the creators of TON have nothing to offer their fans. Many users are looking forward to the full launch of distributed storage — a kind of Torrent 3.0 that stores information in decentralized databases. The advantages of the service are obvious: simply cosmic download speed and complete invulnerability to blocking or editing information. Moreover, users will be able to rent out their own "storage" for a fee or to store pieces of important data for a fee.

Another promising idea is the .ton domain , which makes it possible to host websites created outside the http protocol . Such a site will be scattered over a decentralized network and cannot be blocked by absolutely anyone. The idea is excellent, especially in the context of the current geopolitical situation in the world. And business as well.

But even the existing plans and degrees of their implementation are not enough to correctly predict what will happen to TON. Any large project has its own face (or several faces ), and it is worth saying that this project is quite extraordinary.

The role of "father" for TON

What should you know about Pavel Durov before thinking about his creations?

  • A good specialist and a great marketer (development is more given to his brother);

  • He created the most famous social network in the countries of the former Soviet Union (which was taken from him by the special services of Russia);

  • He created the international social network Telegram, which actively captures the affection of people on the planet;

  • He spent 14 hours being interrogated by the SEC, but did not abandon his goal (although he gave it to others);

  • Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist (just like Tony Stark).


There is no doubt in anyone's mind that it is Mr. Durov who is at the head of the TON Foundation , although obviously unofficially, and is still, if not the leader of the entire project, then its ideological inspiration. This can also be assumed regarding the question of where TON's investments come from, because the Toncoin listing alone cost the declared creators 10-15 million dollars.

And in fact, Pavel Durov's involvement in the project inspires more hope than causes suspicion. In general, this person has a good reputation and is not distinguished by, say, a desire to write strange and contradictory texts of up to 130 characters in a social network from one letter.

So what will happen to TON?

The year 2028 should become extremely important for TON. First, it will be the tenth anniversary of the project restart and the change from Gram to Toncoin , which is already a serious age for IT solutions. Secondly, it is then that Telegram expects the number of active users of the social network to increase to 1,500,000,000. Of them, 30% should be involved in the use of Toncoin and settlement with this coin within the network. And 450 million moet owners is a very good prospect in the direction of mass adoption and development of WEB 3.0. After all, the number of users is critically important for the operation of blockchains , and the larger it is, the better.

Avivi company with Telegram Bot AP I and we see a perspective in this direction, which was already mentioned in previous materials, in particular "Integration of Telegram bots with CRM and custom chatbots from Avivi". Of course, our desire is not indicative for use in the forecast, but more and more customers from all over the world are interested in using Telegram for business. So the ability to calculate within the social network without the costs of integration is a very attractive factor.

Among pessimistic forecasts , the opinion that TON cannot really call itself a "decentralized network" is often heard , since more than 90% of the mined coins now belong to a limited number of crypto wallets. Their owners, who are, of course, unknown, are associated with Pavlo Durov's entourage or with himself, which gives the right to monopoly control of the network. However, it was not for nothing that we gave this person a whole paragraph in the article, where we emphasized Mr. Durov's exceptional abilities in the field of marketing.

So according to our experts, the ability to control the majority of Toncoins is currently required for a gradual and controlled increase in the price of the coin. Currently, 1 tonkoin is trading within $1.6. However, by 2028, this value may increase to $10-$20, and this is quite possible in light of the current situation.

no expert can say: "Drop everything and invest in Toncoin right now" due to many factors. Instead, Avivi recommends you to more closely follow the changes in the market, follow the long-term plan and implement new solutions from Telegram and TON Foundation . For our part, we offer extended consultations regarding the possibilities of the Telegram Bot API, the development of chatbots, integration with various platforms and the use of payment options of cryptowallets . Our experience allows you to implement effective solutions and move your business forward.

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