Why does Avivi love Python and what is this programming language capable of?

28 March 2023

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Slava Nahnybida

PR manager

Slava Nahnybida
Why does Avivi love Python and what is this programming language capable of?

Every day, new products and solutions appear on the IT market, which should accelerate technical progress and improve development. Many of them find supporters and develop; others are quickly overboard and forgotten. Did the authors of Python hope back in 1991 that even after 32 years their work would be popular and needed by mankind? In fact, it does not matter, because the fact remains: Python remains one of the most popular programming languages, it can do many things, and in some places it is practically irreplaceable. We in Aviv have been convinced of this on our own experience more than once. And in the period from 2016 to 2018, our training center even taught a Python course for all those willing to join our team. As of today, the demand for Python development is not only high, but growing. And by the end of the article, we will tell you why.

What are the snakes for? Briefly about Python

We're not trying to give you dry, official information about Python — Wikipedia will do a much better job of that. Let's talk about the very name and symbol of this programming language. Yes, this is indeed a giant snake, known for the peculiarity of strangling its prey before eating. However, there is no symbolism or hidden meaning in either the logo or the name. In fact, the team of authors, led by Guido van Rossum, were ardent fans of the work of the Monty Python actor-comedian group, which is where the main motive came from. Therefore, the author of the name can be considered partially and indirectly the actor John Cleese, who wanted to add something slippery to the name of their troupe and at one time suggested this snake. 

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the offer of learning to program in Python for young professionals around the world. This is easily explained by several advantages of this language at once:

  • High-level, that is, Python's syntax is similar to ordinary human language and consists of English words, not symbols. This makes learning easier for beginners;

  • A wide range of applications. This makes it possible to show many examples of relatively simple implementation of various solutions at once;

  • Demand for developers due to significant adoption of Python solutions. Even young programmers can easily find small tasks that give them experience for complex projects.

At the same time, Python was and remains a powerful tool for performing various tasks, so a superficial study of it does not give new developers real knowledge and skills. That is why every applicant who comes to our company for the position of a Python developer undergoes a long training with a mentor before receiving the first task on a real project. So you can be sure that your order in Avivi will be of high quality and efficiency.

Application of Python

As mentioned, anything can be done with Python, but some products are the best. Thanks to high-quality frameworks, this language is actively used in web development. It is very convenient to use Python for writing scripts, creating plugins for ready-made products, and parsing information. For example, did you know that at Google, the Python part is responsible for indexing sites on the Internet? Less often, Python is used to create mobile solutions, where Java and C languages take precedence. Although the server part for iOS of the well-known Instagram service is built on Python. Battlefield 2, Civilvzation IV and EVE Online are great examples of using this language to create games.

However, the best application of Python is in the field of science and automation of data processing. It is the most popular choice for data scientists who create algorithms for machine learning. That is why in recent years, when neural networks and artificial intelligence are moving to a completely new level of development, the demand for Python specialists has grown rapidly and will continue to grow.

At Avivi, we use Python for various purposes, but the main ones include:

  • Creating scripts and integrations for CRM systems;

  • Development of automated systems of interaction with clients — bots;

  • For machine learning and bot improvement;

  • In blockchain related projects;

  • To create client portals and business services;

  • For the needs of data migration or information exchange.

   I would like to highlight projects related to blockchain and the development of smart contracts. Python, as an object-oriented language, is suitable for working with distributed databases, but in projects with Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, we prefer the specialized language Solidity. But it should be understood that this language was created on the basis of Python and JS, so Avivi's professional developers equally perfectly possess all the necessary arsenal for blockchain projects.

How long will Python remain one of the best programming languages? Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions related to the future of humanity. However, we at Avivi are convinced that as long as Python exists, our customers will have no problems with projects in this language under the terms of cooperation with our team. We are always happy to "direct the python" in the direction of your business development!

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