Avivi and numbers — the main thing for 2023

28 December 2023

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Vyacheslav Askerov


Vyacheslav Askerov
Avivi and numbers — the main thing for 2023

In 2023, global IT cannot boast of the best results: even economically developed countries feel the effects of the global crisis, which significantly slows down the pace of development. The majority of entrepreneurs have taken a restrained attitude of waiting and are in no hurry to invest in large-scale and ambitious projects due to many circumstances: geopolitical instability and tension, armed conflicts that have dragged on from previous years or flared up directly this year, the gradual introduction of new technologies that can potentially change the world, but so far, all hopes are not justified — all these are factors by which we will remember 2023. But even in this whirlwind, Avivi has made significant gains, which we want to share with our blog readers in digital terms.


Most recently, in December, Avivi celebrated its 17th year of activity. It was on December 12, 2007 that the Avivi company received official registration and began commercial activities in the direction of software development. It is pleasant to note that during this time we did not change either the name or the branding, and most importantly, the mission of the company, which sounds like: "To help entrepreneurs earn more using IT technologies." This allowed us to train a huge team of skilled developers and create an extensive knowledge base to train the next generations.


It all started like this

Although we changed the vectors of activity and technology, the approach to the accumulation of experience and its distribution in the team remains unchanged. For a long time, this gave us an advantage in the development of software for CRM systems and eCommerce projects. But we were fully convinced of the effectiveness of the method during the scaling of the company and the creation of a Python development department. In a short period of time, we managed to balance the skills of all the recruited developers and organize a trainee training program that is still working today. Our 16 is a long path of stable development, which became the basis for the next achievement.


No one will remember when exactly this corporate tradition was born, but over time it turned into a real office trend. Now the question "Where does the new client come from?" has more than just organizational significance. Entering the markets of new countries became a special challenge for Avivi managers. No premiums or bonuses are awarded for this, but every member of our team cheers for the company's global position and is sincerely happy to expand the geography of service provision. The conditions for "conquering" a new country are very simple:

  • The client, regardless of nationality, must be a resident of the country;

  • Services must be paid for (i.e. free consultation 1 does not count);

  • Subscription not Avivi services is not a reason (only development hours);

  • A new country is counted only once.

In 2023, we managed to expand the geography of service provision by 16% compared to the previous year and reach round-the-clock. So now Avivi officially carries out commercial activities in the markets of 60 countries of the world! We provide the list in alphabetical order.

 1  Albania    21  Hungary  41  Poland
 2  Australia  22  Iceland  42  Portugal
 3  Austria  23  India  43  Republic of Belarus
 4  Brazil  24  Indonesia  44  Romania
 5  Canada  25  Israel  45  Russia*
 6  China  26  Italy  46  Saudi Arabia
 7  Colombia  27  Jamaica  47  Serbia
 8  Congo  28  Japan  48      Singapore
 9  Curaçao  29  Kazakhstan  49  South African Republic
 10  Czech Republic  30  Kuwait  50  Spain
 11  Democratic Republic of the Congo  31  Latvia  51  Sweden
 12  Egypt  32  Lithuania  52  Switzerland
 13  Estonia  33  Macedonia  53  Thailand
 14  Finland  34  Mauritius  54  Trinidad and Tobago
 15  France  35  Mexico  55  Turkey
 16  Germany  36  Moldova  56  Turks and Caicos Islands
 17  Great Britain  37  New Zealand  57  Ukraine
 18  Greece  38  Nigeria  58  United Arab Emirates
 19  Guatemala  39  Pakistan  59  United States of America
 20  Hong Kong  40  Philippines  60  Vietnam

* The only country with which we stopped any cooperation.

As of the time of writing, there are 195 officially recognized countries in the world. So we have something to strive for. And we are convinced that there are people in "unconquered" countries who can be helped by our IT company in the future.


The past year has been a busy one for Avivi in terms of software development for various bots. This was also a consequence of the scaling and activity of the Python development department, which became fully operational only at the beginning of 2023. During this time, 11 bots of various levels of complexity and direction were created to strengthen the IT ecosystem of companies around the world. Among the developments:

  • Crypto-bot for transactions with cryptocurrencies and tokens;

  • Bot for automating the sales department;

  • Telegram bots duplicating the functions of client portals of product companies;

  • Chatbots integrated with DialogFlow, Stripe payment system and more;

  • Telegram bot integrated with CRM;

  • Bots for Discord and others.

We see a perspective in the further development of this line of activity, as we are convinced of the effectiveness of such solutions. For the most part, bots in any business are able to automate business processes, engage in sales or consultations, monitor payment or delivery statuses, and promptly inform users of any important changes or events. And from the point of view of saving resources and user comfort, bots are simply irreplaceable, because as of today, they actually eliminate the need to develop and maintain their own mobile applications.


Completely new for our company in 2023 was the opening of the direction of game development. Since Avivi works on the development of blockchain projects, we decided to combine, so to speak, the pleasant with the useful and create a crypto game based on a smart contract for BSC. The idea found a response among the team, so the plan was exceeded by 200% and the world saw as many as two games. 

games (1).png

And if in the first game we experimented with the mechanics and tried to expand the players' opportunities by adding various unique interaction opportunities, in the next game the team focused on creating the most favorable conditions for Play-to-Earn fans. Currently, both games have found interested owners who will continue to promote and develop them. As for Avivi, we gained additional experience that allows us to create even more functional games in the future. And we are ready to listen to your ideas and help to implement them.


In the end, we want to leave a little intrigue. For all Avivi employees without exception, 2023 will be remembered for painstaking work on one, but joint project — our own product. After all, the knowledge of developers, the work of a designer, comments and suggestions from managers, and support from marketing were needed here. The implementation of one's own idea required all previous experience and new knowledge about the capabilities of modern services and bots. Currently, the project is at the final stage of development. But the full release will take place in 2024. Let's just hint: we have prepared a real gift for bloggers, content managers, marketers and, in general, everyone who is related to work with publications in social networks.

So stay with Avivi! We create your benefits.

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