Everything about everything — Knowledge base in your Bitrix24

In Bitrix24, there is always a useful functionality to facilitate the work of employees. Today we would like to take a detailed look at one of these tools — the modern Knowledge Base. This virtual directory can contain everything you need for a quick but comprehensive overview of basic information related to your company as a whole or specific projects in particular.

Calculation of worked days and fix of one more feature of Bitrix24 from Avivi

If you personally or an HR need a notification about a certain number of days worked by a new employee, such a function in Bitrix24, at first glance, can be easily configured by yourself. But in reality, the administrator will not be able to do this, since the system has certain features. The Avivi team has completed a similar task and is happy to share their experience in this article.

Bitrix24 menu — customizing by your own hands

We are constantly dealing with the Bitrix24 portal menu, but few pay attention to the little things. And that is why difficulties and misunderstandings arise, the necessary elements are far or absent, and instead unnecessary — constantly at hand. However, this is not a problem, because the Bitrix24 menu can be easily tuned and even put your own points there. Read all this on.

Custom application for sending SMS with Bitrix24 from Avivi

Working with SMS messages at Bitrix24 is in great demand among Aviva clients. At the same time, each customer uses the short message service for different purposes. The system is not designed for this, so sometimes you should look for a solution in custom development. This article tells about a convenient application for sending SMS.

"Сonfirmed by a signature" — custom digital signing of documents in Bitrix24

The digital signature of documents is becoming an everyday phenomenon and is legally no different from a real stroke of a pen in a document. It is natural that the use of digital signatures can also be applied to Bitrix24. In this article, we will talk about a ready-made case of creating a functionality for the electronic confirmation of documents of one of Aviva's clients. Of course, we can create our own functionality of a similar direction just for you.

What and why slows down the development of blockchain projects?

Blockchain has been known for a long time, but it is still viewed with prejudice and even hostility in many countries. Similarly, ordinary people stay away from this technology and are in no hurry to invest in the development of blockchain projects. The main reason for this is a misunderstanding of this concept and negative associations. It's good that in reality everything works completely differently and you can earn from the blockchain safely and a lot.

It is not possible to update, so customize!

At least once a year, Bitrix24 releases updates of the software product, which are gradually implemented for users of the cloud service. For the on-premise edition, these updates are prepared in batches and everyone has the right to decide whether to install them for themselves or not. In this article, experienced former programmer of Avivi shares his impressions of the project, where the issue of updates became an issue due to a number of previous manipulations with the Bitrix24 kernel.

Solidity is the main language for creating smart contracts from Avivi

The concept of development is closely related to the programming language in which it takes place. Different languages ​​are suitable for different tasks, and smart contracts are no exception. Currently, the relevant language for creating smart contracts is and remains Solidity. We use it extensively in Aviva and talk about its features in this article.

Automation of work with forms in Bitrix24 CRM by Avivi

Many business processes in companies involve sending commercial offers to their customers for approval. Sometimes it is so unique and individual that it needs additional implementation, as happened with our regular customers from Canada. Now they use Bitrix24 form filling automation instead of manual input and a third-party PDF document generator. Details of the task are disclosed in this article.

Be sure to read before updating Bitrix24!

Updates of Bitrix24 are always eagerly awaited: for users it is a hope to get new effective tools. But for such experienced integrators as our employees, this is also a significant fear for the client's software. After all, updates are not always beneficial, and you need to be prepared for this and enlist the support of professionals. In the continuation, we will talk about the dangers.

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