5 reasons to delete Exсel from your business. And to take Bitrix24

In 2019, many entrepreneurs still use the Excel spreadsheets editor at the heart of organizing business processes and ... lose money. Yes, they lose it, because they use modern tools entirely incorrectly, which hinders development, adds unnecessary work, “eats” staff time, and therefore leads to a decrease in possible profits. Let us see once and for all why spreadsheets harm the development of your business.

CRM Bitrix24 helps the developers

One of the main tasks of any manufacturer is the implementation of products. And here it is not so important what he does: from knitting children's socks and scarves in his free time and ending with the construction of entire residential complexes. About how, heroically or not, the latter solves this problem, namely — the company-developers, we will try to understand the details.

Gamification and Bitrix24

19 April 2019

Vyacheslav Nahnybida


Gamification and Bitrix24
Gamification and Bitrix24

Some experts believe that the gamification of the working procedure has a great and bright future. Many things were used here from the very beginning of human evolution, but the effect has become noticeable with the rapid development of technology. We have reviewed the readiness of the Bitrix24 system to accept the challenge of the future and want to share Avivi company's work in this direction.

Bitrix24 Anniversary Sale

10 April 2019

Anastasiya Synyuk

Sales Manager

Bitrix24 Anniversary Sale
Bitrix24 Anniversary Sale

A 3-day Bitrix24 Anniversary Sale 10-12 April. Hurry UP!

“Sydney”, goodbye, — welcome, “Dubai”! Bitrix24 update

What many have been waiting for almost half a year has been accomplished — the Bitrix24 team presented new updates that will soon begin to appear in user portals. Long before that, they were called “fiery” or “hot.” And it’s not for nothing because the innovations really forced to unwittingly applaud the participants of the presentation (and the audience of the online broadcast). We have prepared a laconic overview of more than the hourly presentation of the version of Bitrix24.Dubai.

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