Solving the error of importing business processes with custom activities in Bitrix24 by Avivi

A fairly common problem after the implementation of additional functionality in the cloud service and on-premise edition of Bitrix24. We work with projects of various complexity and therefore found a solution that is valid for almost 98% of such cases. About the problem and how to overcome it in this article of our blog.

Integration of Bitrix24... with our world

When choosing a particular product for ourselves, we, of course, think about its demand for other people. This also applies to Bitrix24 CRM: who uses the system, whether it is popular in the Europe, America or Asia, whether the project will close, are normal questions that customers may have. In this article, we will try to paint the big picture. And to tell about what many do not guess.

Event management with Bitrix24

Holding any event requires tremendous efforts, competent budget planning, time, team building and constant monitoring. That is why many people responsible for events after their completion immediately go on vacation, sick leave or, in the worst case, quit or simply abandon this business for a long time. But if you have Bitrix24, then the whole process of preparation can be optimized so that the creation of an event becomes fun and exciting!

How to win business negotiations using Bitrix24

In any business, negotiations play an important role, since it is on them that the fate of contracts is decided, disputes are unleashed, and even the fate of companies is determined. In the modern world, people do not need to meet in person to do this: Internet conferences, video calls and much more allow you to negotiate around the world without leaving your office or even your own home. This article will focus on a non-standard and effective approach to remote negotiations using Bitrix24, which significantly increases your chances of a successful result.

Generation of MS Excel spreadsheets with conditional formatting in Bitrix24

The Avivi company fulfills a wide variety of orders related to the refinement of the functionality of Bitrix24. This time, the developers faced a task related to the generation of complex MS Excel spreadsheets that must use conditional formatting. An absolutely useful solution for controlling the deadlines for tasks has turned out to be needed everywhere, where the word "deadline" is not an empty sound.

UTM for your Bitrix24 CRM

High ad conversion rates aren't just marketers' goal. Effective advertising means sales, which in turn means profits for the business. How do UTM tags help in this, what types of tags are there and what is needed to start working with them in Bitrix24? All the details are in our article.

Basecamp vs Bitrix24

A project is a general name for an activity that is suitable for any case or business involving one or more people, certain tasks and deadlines for their completion. The Basecamp system, which was created specifically as a project management tool, is very popular in the world. Our leads often ask about it before they become customers, so we decided to compare the two systems and make it easier for people to choose.

B2B, B2C, B2G, C2C: segmentation and specificity for Bitrix24

What do apples, software and atomic icebreakers have in common? The answer is simple: it all needs to be sold. But it would be foolish to deny that there are no differences in the sale of these objects. Segmentation of sales areas is important, and with the development of the market, the number of these areas is increasing. If most everyone involved in sales knows about B2B and B2C, then B2G and C2C are often "dark horses". We understand the terminology and learn new areas together.

How to encourage the team to use CRM?

Avivi has considerable expertise in the implementation of Bitrix24 tools in the work of various enterprises and businesses. We have collected for you the best ways to motivate employees to use CRM, so that your innovation is not in vain, and money is spent correctly. More details in our article.

Custom integration for Bitrix24 with the popular delivery service

Custom integrations are commonplace for Bitrix24. Open source code and extensive API allow you to configure the system to work with almost any other platform or service. In Bitrix24.Marketplace, you can find many ready-made integrations, especially with popular services. So why do customers order custom solutions? You will find the answers and their benefits in this article.

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