Integration of Bitrix24 with Wave — development of an application for the Marketplace by Avivi`s experts

26 June 2023

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Slava Nahnybida

PR manager

Slava Nahnybida
Integration of Bitrix24 with Wave — development of an application for the Marketplace by Avivi`s experts

Any business, big or small, exists for the sole purpose of making a profit. Therefore, you will inevitably have to deal with money: pay for something yourself, receive payments from clients, and so on. For this purpose, large businesses will develop or rent powerful IT systems, the task of which is to process all possible financial transactions and simplify the painstaking work of financial department employees. Avivi has experience in implementing large projects working with fiat money and crypto currencies, but today we will talk about the integration of Bitrix24 with a specialized product designed specifically for small businesses. This is important, because according to statistics, there are the most representatives of small businesses in any economically developed country.

Briefly about Wave

The company's integrated money management is offered to its clients by the Wave platform. The cloud solution, which has convenient applications for iOS and Andriod, allows you to see the complete financial picture in the company, create good invoices for payment, accept money from customers, calculate wages for employees and keep accounting records. Today, Wave has more than 2 million active users and is popular with self-employed people, freelancers, consultants and contract workers. A simple and accessible interface does not cause complications that arise for ordinary people with different financial systems.


Wave interface

Despite the full functionality, Wave adheres to a loyal pricing policy and even offers basic tools absolutely free. At the same time, data security in the service is at the highest level: any connections between you, your bank accounts, and Wave are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. Wave is a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider. All the listed advantages and additional useful functions have made Wave popular among many customers mainly in the United States of America and Canada.

Features of integration

Avivi received a task from customers to create an application for one-way integration of Bitrix24 with Wave. Since the company uses a cloud service, it is not about a module that is developed only for the Bitrix24 on-premise edition, but about an application. In addition, a decision was made to make it public rather than individual and to publish a gallery of custom add-ons for Bitrix24 on the Market. This means that, if necessary, any user with an active subscription to Bitrix24.Market will be able to find this application and use it for their own integration with Wave.


The principle of operation of the solution is extremely simple: users of the Bitrix24 portal constantly work with various entities, the key ones of which are Lead, Agreement, Contact and Company. Avivi's solution indexes information in entity fields and transfers them from Bitrix24 to Wave for billing. In this way, all the necessary information from the CRM is available on the financial platform to create a new account for the client. After its payment, Wave accepts the money from the end user and transfers it to the bank account of the Avivi customer. The whole process is completely automated and does not require human intervention - only for monitoring and making changes if necessary.


From the beginning of development for Bitrix24 in 2024 until today, our team has created an incredible number of different applications and modules for this product. Please note that integration with Wave is proprietary to our end customers, so Avivi has no ability to make changes to the app you download from the Market. But we are always ready to create solutions of any complexity just for your business, so do not hesitate to contact Avivi when you need additional tools for Bitrix24!


And finally, for users from the United States of America and Canada, the Wave service works normally, but for customers from other countries, the use of another service is provided. So if you're one of them, when you sign up with Wave, you'll be prompted to switch to their Zoho partners and the Zoho Book platform. You can't refuse such an offer, so don't be surprised. In general, you will find similar functionality in Zoho Book to Wave, and many offers from Zoho themselves can be useful for your business. However, it will no longer be Wave, so be prepared for this variant of the development of events.

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