Renewal of Bitrix24 integration with TimeDoctor

14 December 2018

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Viktor Magdin

Backend TeamLead

Viktor Magdin
Renewal of Bitrix24 integration with TimeDoctor

An updated version of the integration is already available in the Bitrix24 Marketplace with placement to new link. This is relevant for all users, because over time all the information from the old place will be deleted. The developers strongly recommend upgrading the version to all existing users! The integration itself reminds of this and the main thing is to be attentive and not to ignore notifications.

What’s new?

The minor bugs are fixed in updated version. This made the integration work more stable and accurate. Also the link to the link for the Redirect URL field ( has been updated, which is filled when the application is created in TimeDoctor. All necessary information about installation and configuration can be found in the updated instructions.

Renewal time zone for TimeDoctor integration

But the most anticipated and useful update was the ability to specify the portal time zone! This avoids the occurrence of an incorrect logging date. After installing the updated version or updating the old one, go to the settings of the application and enter your time zone! If this is not done, then nothing critical will happen - reassure Avivi specialists. But in this case, the standard time zone will be used (Europe / Kiev).

Top 3 of the most asked questions

Since the official release, developers have received a large number of hits and feedback on the application’s work. We have identified three frequently asked questions from users.

In third place is the question that can be formulated as: “Why do the new task groups with one task appear in TimeDoctor?”

If you create a group after synchronization, it will get into TimeDoctor automatically with the same name. New tasks without binding to any group will appear in TimeDoctorin a newly created project with a similar task from the Bitrix24 name.

In the honorable second place is the question about missing tasks in TimeDoctor - “Where do the tasks go?”

If you no longer have any task displayed in TimeDoctor, first of all, check its status in Bitrix24. The tasks completed here will really cease to be visible. But if in Bitrix24 the closed task is resumed, its status will change in TimeDoctor automatically.

And the laurels seize the most common question. Fortunately, it is the most innocuous and easily fixed: “Why is there no synchronization with TimeDoctor after integration?”

Integration from Avivi Company does not provide for total synchronization of the entire Bitrix24 task base with TimeDoctor for the following reasons:

  • Not all the projects and tasks from Bitrix24 need the time tracking;

  • The base can be too big, which will complicate the platform’s work.

Thus, ONLY new tasks and projects, that are created after integration, appear in TimeDoctor. Old ones are not transferred by default.

In this case, to synchronize existing tasks, you need to update the necessary ones. There are many ways to do this: from the banal "Edit-Save" and "Change Priority" to edit fields - any change in components will "wake up" the task and synchronize it with the TimeDoctor.

We commend everyone who has already used the TimeDoctor integration with the time tracking tool! Our developers are always ready to provide convenient and functional solutions for the prosperity of your business. Follow the new designs from Aviv Company or suggest topics that will be helpful to you or other users.

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