The release of the first Integration of Bitrix24 with TimeDoctor

25 October 2018

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida

PR Manager

Vyacheslav Nahnybida
The release of the first Integration of Bitrix24 with TimeDoctor

The developers of Avivi, Bitrix24’s Gold Partner, have presented the integration of the popular CRM with the leading time tracking tool Time Doctor.


This is the first successful integration of Bitrix24 with Time Doctor, which solves one of the main problems - duplication of a large number of actions when working in parallel with two programs. This includes the creation and updating of tasks, the beginning and end of time tracking, which forced users to rush between the windows of both programs and press a lot of buttons. The developers were able to distribute correctly the responsibilities between the platforms in the following way: “Bitrix24” is responsible for everything related to the tasks; Time Doctor is responsible for time tracking. Every 15 minutes an update of expended time comes to CRM, however this data cannot be edited or deleted. And even if something happens in Bitrix24, in 15 minutes Time Doctor will send a new data. Restrictions apply during the current day.

Time tracking management also moves from Bitrix24 to Time Doctor after integration, where the corresponding buttons are created. No special inconvenience is expected from such an innovation, since the developers have provided the Time Doctor interface with useful features - displaying a link to the corresponding task in Bitrix24. This significantly speeds up and simplifies working with both programs.

There is no need to worry about the loss of data after integration: new tasks will immediately appear in Time Doctor. Regarding the already created ones, any update on the task will be sufficient for the display so that the system “sees” it and processes it. When the task is closed, the time tracking feature disappears both in Bitrix24 and Time Doctor at the same time.

The employees of Avivi have already switched to using the integrated version in their work and managed to evaluate its convenience and accuracy. Soon this integration will be available to the masses of users.

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