Development of a Telegram bot that duplicates the tools of the personal account of customers on the website

Telegram bots are able to positively improve any business where the company's interaction with customers is important. Avivi customers, for whom our team is developing a powerful assistant in Python, have confirmed this. The bot will reduce to a minimum the human factor in communication with authorized buyers and the need to visit the site every time, it is always in touch simply on the user's smartphone and has practically unlimited opportunities for improvement. In this article, we will not consider a specific example of the Telegram bot and all its advantages.

A comprehensive solution for MLM business from Avivi

Modern network business is simply impossible without the use of digitalization achievements. There are already a large number of ready-made solutions on the market , each of which is worth a lot of money and positions itself as the best and universal. However, practice shows that the best software will be the one that best meets the needs of the business processes of a particular company , and in this article we will talk about exactly that.

The "Address" section`s fields customization in Bitrix24 and own drop-down lists

Saving customer addresses in the CRM entities is an extremely necessary contact information, without which a business is impossible. In general, Bitrix24 makes it possible to clearly indicate the address of a person or institution, and even to link the coordinates to an electronic map. But Avivi's clients needed special features to determine the address and our team created an effective solution using custom fields.

Why does Avivi love Python and what is this programming language capable of?

Throughout its history, Python has never lost its relevance, and the demand for developers is always high. We at Avivi have many years of programming experience in this language in individual projects. But over time, we faced a paradox: despite the constant rapid development of other technologies, the need for Python grows proportionally! What is the reason for the popularity and perspective of this language? We found out in this article.

A separate Python-made client portal, integrated with Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 integration expands the possibilities of your business and allows you to realize almost any wishes of the client. In this article, we talk about just such a case. The value of the project lies in 100% satisfaction of the client's requirements, since the integration of Bitrix24 was not with any service, but with a custom product from the Avivi team that most accurately meets the needs of the customer.

What should you know about custom modules for Magento 2?

One of the absolute advantages of CMS Magento 2 is the ability for almost endless development and improvement by replenishing the list of used modules. Already today, their total number in Marketplaces or free access is simply sky-high and growing every day. And all this because each user can create or order their own module from the developers. Let's take a look at what the module is, what it looks like and what it can do.

How a module for Bitrix24 from Avivi will help work with Google Maps to determine locations

Interaction with Google Maps significantly improves the work of company employees with customers. And it would be great if your Bitrix24 "understood" whether customer service is possible depending on their geographical location. The standard functionality does not allow you to do this, and the new Google Maps Location module from the developers of Avivi does. This article will tell you all the details.

Integrating of your site with Google Maps is a powerful tool for increasing conversions

The map has long become a common attribute of many web resources, especially eCommerce sites. This is extremely important for a business that is tied to a certain area. But today, integration with the Google service is no longer just a mark on the map, but a whole list of advantages. Let's analyze the main ones in detail and specifically talk about integration for online stores on the Magento 2 platform.

Personal CRM forms from consultants to company clients — a custom app for Bitrix24 from Avivi

An individual approach to each client is the key to the prosperity of each business. In this article, Avivi developers share their experience in creating a special application for Bitrix24 that best meets the needs of the customer company in working with their customers. Thanks to the flexibility of the system and the expertise of our developers, any ideas can turn into successful projects.

The online store in Telegram from Avivi is a new level of your sales

Sales in chats have changed from banal communication with the client and the exchange of product links to automated operations that practically do not require human intervention. Telegram offers a wide range of possibilities for organizing a real online store, where the bot successfully sells your goods, accepts payments and arranges delivery. Avivi's developers will do everything necessary to make your online store in this service as profitable as a traditional online store.

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