Bitrix24 plans update

Bitrix24 plans will be updated on September 1st. New plans are more scaleable, so you can select the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Bitrix vs Zoho

28 August 2019

Vyacheslav Nahnybida


Bitrix vs Zoho
Bitrix vs Zoho

Many entrepreneurs know that Zoho is a good CRM system for small and medium businesses with a wide range of opportunities, and they want to try this product for themselves. Well, they're pretty much right, as the developers have implemented many useful features to increase sales, understand marketing and customer support. However, in practice, we are convinced that it’s not easy to use these "benefits", unlike the similar functionality of Bitrix24. But let's put it in order.

Top 3 Achievements in August

The last month of summer is a time of generous harvests in many countries of the world. In just two weeks of August, Bitrix24 gathered three such important “fruits”! Let's look at what has changed for users of the system. Perhaps now is the time to start using these improvements. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer in more detail in personal communication.

The Magnificent Eight Sale

Eight is a magic number. There are eight bits in a byte. It’s the atomic number of oxygen and August is the eighth month of the year. That's why we are introducing the Magnificent Eight sale!

Bitrix24 vs. HubSpot

26 July 2019

Ivan Bocharov


Bitrix24 vs. HubSpot
Bitrix24 vs. HubSpot

If you are serious about looking for the best CRM-system, you could not hear about the North American HubSpot product. It’s older than Bitrix24 for almost 6 years, this small platform feels great on the Western B2B market, collecting high ratings and feedback. But what's the feature of HubSpot and will it resist against Bitrix24? Let's find out.

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