Expanding the capabilities of smart contract automation by Avivi

Self-execution is one of the main advantages of smart contracts. But people often have a misconception: self-executing does not mean automated. That is why most of the usual automated processes in other services or systems cannot be achieved in the usual form of smart contracts on Solidity. In this article, we understand the issues of automation and give examples of solutions to some issues.

What should you know about calendars in Bitrix24 for effective work?

Many services provide an opportunity to keep an interactive electronic calendar in corporate or personal activities. If you are a supporter of this approach and do not think of yourself without clearly planning any events, Calendars from Bitrix24 are just for you! And your colleagues, of course.

Hybrid smart contract and the role of the Oracles

In the world of smart contracts and blockchain, the name "Oracle" is often encountered. Of course, we are not talking about some soothsayer, although in the article we mention some real providence. We mainly analyze the issue of hybrid smart contracts, that is, those that use both on-chain and off-chain calculations. And, as always, we make it easy and interesting.

Update of the Project Progress app and a new custom task control application in Bitrix24

In 2020, we already talked about our custom application "Project Progress", which was created specifically for a specific client. Now we are presenting an almost complete update of the functionality, which corresponds as much as possible to the current business processes in the customer's company. And as a nice bonus, we'll show you an example of a great custom solution for task control.

Why the Module for the on-premise Bitrix24 is better than the rest of the "tricks"

The on-premise Bitrix24 allows inclusion in the system additional elements that solve specific tasks and expand functionality. The SMTP module is developed specifically to solve the problem of connecting your own mailboxes, so it has advantages over other possible methods. In this article, we will show why the module is always more effective and profitable for Portal owners.

Bitrix24 vs Wrike

12 August 2022

Slava Nahnybida

PR manager

Bitrix24 vs Wrike
Bitrix24 vs Wrike

In this article of our blog, the opponent of Bitrix24 is the already established software on the world market — Wrike, a corporate online service for joint work and project management. We will consider the main differences of the products only in related issues and will not touch on the difference in functionality, since Bitrix24 has much more of it. The final decision, of course, is always up to you.

Custom integration for Bitrix24 with Lexoffice from Avivi

Integrations are one of the key capabilities of Bitrix24, which is why the product is appreciated all over the world. It is not always possible to find integration with the service required by the client among ready-made solutions. This is exactly what happened with Lexoffice, but the Avivi team created the integration that the customer from Europe needed. In this article, we will tell you what are the features of this project.

Why is the success of the NFT collection impossible without a smart contract?

The popularity of NFTs is attracting the attention of more and more people. Of course, everyone wants to make money by selling collections, even when they don't understand how everything works there. In this article, we highlight the importance of a smart contract in promoting a truly successful NFT project.

The plan you have been waiting for ten years — Bitrix24 Enterprise in the cloud

Finally, among the Bitrix24 cloud comercial plans, the most powerful one appeared — Bitrix24 Enterprise. It was expected from the very beginning of the system, and therefore now everyone without exception is curious: what can the new pan do, who will it suit and most importantly — does it justify its cost? Well, we have already made an objective analysis and share it with you in this article in Avivi`s blog. Spoiler alert: yes, it's worth it!

Why Oracle Cloud will be the best solution for your Bitrix24?

When choosing a platform for hosting the on-premise edition of Bitrix24, many parameters must be taken into account. To do this, you need to study in detail the requirements of a set of business tools, compare them with the capabilities of a rented or your own service. This is an important choice, on which the performance of Bitrix24, and therefore your business as a whole, will depend in the future. Based on many years of implementation experience, Avivi recommends not to waste time and immediately pay attention to Oracle Cloud for a number of reasons described in this article.

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