Why Kanban is missing on Bitrix24 Tasks and where to find it?

Tasks and Projects in Bitrix24 are one of the main advantages of the Portal, however, many users have a question as to why, when switching to this block, there is no Kanban display type. We found an explanation and reviewed the features of this functionality in the new article on Avivi's blog.

CRM for $2,700 — is it possible?

To introduce or create a CRM from scratch for $10,000 is possible for everyone, but what about a $2,700 budget? Some will consider this almost impossible, while others believe that this budget is enough for a small customized system or a low grade sample solution. If you believe the same, you, obviously, do not know a thing about Bitrix24 and desperately need to read this article. 

Corporate portal Bitrix24 to improve the efficiency of HR tasks

The successful work of employees largely depends on the atmosphere in the office. Corporate portal Bitrix24 is useful not only to organize work processes, but also to provide the timely execution of various HR tasks, as well as a the possibility to organize the leisure time of your company's employees

Updated Bitrix24 plans: how to choose the right one?

Price changes for Bitrix24 rarely happen, however, many people experience difficulties keeping up with the plan which contains balanced tools for conducting a business. This article reviews in detail the updated August 2021 plans and compared them with other CRM pricing. 

The development of the customized functionality to structure files in Bitrix24 Tasks

What should I do if I need to store files specifically in Tasks and not in the comments section? Clients from Italy addressed Avivi with such issues, and very soon received a completed customization which allows them to do exactly what they need. This article features the solution to a specific issue and will provide reassurance that professional developers can do everything.

Bitrix24 is one of the top CRM in the world

Half of 2021 has now passed, which means that we can now monitor the statistics of Bitrix 24 development. This is important not only to make decisions regarding the introduction of this product, but is also quite insightful for those who already use the system. Trust us, even we were pleasantly impressed with what people all over the world think about Bitrix24.

Smart Process Automation in Bitrix24 — your own possible work with CRM scenarios

"Smart Process Automation" is a new block of work with CRM features, that appeared in "Bitrix24. Berlin" release. At first glance, this is something complex and incomprehensible, but we tried to tell as accurately as possible about the purpose of this functionality creation, and what you can possibly do with it. And, believe us, you can do a lot of things. 

How to keep in touch with colleagues and clients through Bitrix24 videoconferences?

The quality of video communication plays a big come in terms of teleworking and negotiations with clients. Almost the entire global economy shifted to teleworking during quarantine, and, with its requirements easing, many have not returned to their usual office lives. Great changes happened with Bitrix24, too: now up to 48 people can take part in videoconferences, and this article uncovers all the advantages of this functionality.

How does AI help business in Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 has a variety of business tools. One of them functions by means of the AI, and that is AI24-scoring. Let's find out what it is capable of and how it can be applied in your business activities. 

Simple duplicates elimination for Bitrix24 CRM

If you're nervous about the constant duplication of different entities in the CRM - this article is exactly what you need. Avivi has developed a new add-on for Bitrix24, which will quickly bring order to entities and eliminate repetitive ones. The functionality is very easy to use and more efficient than the in-house duplicates management tool. 

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