Implementation of Bitrix24 for modern logistical solutions

30 September 2021

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Valeriia Hodleska


Valeriia Hodleska
Implementation of Bitrix24 for modern logistical solutions

Modern logistics requires modern solutions. Today, there is a variety of logistical companies as well as a broad scope of the dedicated sophisticated and expensive software. And there is also Bitrix24 which can confidently compete with any type of product and provide additional possibilities.

Bitrix24 and logistics

With the CRM system and other tools in place, it is possible to customize the processes that will address logistical requirements and substantially influence the effectiveness of your company's activity, for instance:

  1. You can manage the logistical process, customize the purchase funnel and automate the company's business processes. The CRM solves tasks on introducing general and marketing analytics, optimizing and storing customer data;
  2. Besides the automation advantages, Bitrix24 allows to qualitatively manage the personnel and internal company's activities; Every organization that leads an active corporate life, Bitrix24 assists with the exciting spare time and communication between colleagues;
  3. Bitrix24 enables the integration with a vast number of other services for accepting payments or packages tracking;
  4. The system consists of a number of components that do not require the external analogues: internal chat, time management, site samples and other.

About the Company

Vector Logistics company ships both small packages and large cargos from abroad. The shipments are carried out through planes, trains, cars and sea vessels. The employers of the company are located in various cities, and this implies the need for a common space for work and communication. Upon the in-depth analysis of the IT market, the representatives of the company chose Bitrix24 as the complex functionality and beneficial price policy in comparison with other software for managing logistical activities.

What is required for a logistical process?

One of the tools to work with the clients is phone communication. All communications conducted via working phones are being recorded and stored in the system, which allows them to be available when needed. The Avivi team completed an integration and customization of the customer's phone communication process.


Another way of getting the leads is through the Internet form. We created a special CRM form integrated with the company's web-site. It contains a list of all the necessary data and requires from users some specific information exclusively: name, phone number, the route of the package, which essentially simplifies the workflow. The potential clients visiting the web-site would be able to fill the form in directly on the site, as well as by using a separate link. Then, the main activity is carried out in the CRM.

The integrators customized three purchase funnels: the main one, where the work with new clients is carried out, as well as specific ones, such as LCL/FCL and Cargo. Each funnel has its own specific stages, however, both of them are customized. The statuses are updated after the order has been processed by the corresponding specialists, who move the agreement card through the funnel's stages, depending on their role in the process.


All the leads data are stored in the CRM system along with the information on the vehicles used for the transportation. Thus, the employees of the company are able to analyze the already placed clients' applications, and to define the best tactics for the company's deals management.


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Effective and rational solution

Hence, based on the example of cooperation with Vector Logistics, we proved that Bitrix24 is a universal set of tools that meets the requirements of the modern logistics company. Even without any customization and enhancements for the Professional cloud-based tariff plan, we created all the necessary conditions for the collaboration of the home-based employees, configured the CRM to process the orders and manage all delivery processes for the packages shipped from abroad. When it comes to the clients, the Vector Logistics team made a timely and correct choice which allowed to quickly launch the international business.

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