Bitrix24 vs. Salesforce

05 July 2018

Slava Nahnybida

PR Manager

Bitrix24 vs. Salesforce
Bitrix24 vs. Salesforce

“To punch or not to punch?” is a question that rivals should consider before getting into a conflict. Especially when it comes to a competition between global projects with million-dollar budgets and ambitions of world domination in the field of CRM. It’s time to witness the crucial battle and decide who is the best.

Bitrix24 Telephony: How not to Miss a Single Call

How often do you lose a customer after the first failed phone call? What do you do to avoid it? Telephony is the best tool. And in the following article, we tried to find out why :)

Bitrix24 Conference: What Was Really Going On

Some facts about the Bitrix conference24. We have something to share :)

Star Wars in Bitrix24

This is saga about why your IT guy won’t handle Bitrix24 installation on his own or why you need a Bitrix24 partner. 

Why customize the B24 Kernel? How harmful is it?

The kernel customization is an important decision, on which further work of the CRM system depends. Read the article to find out why it is necessary and how to make the right choice.

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