The Benefits of Business Process Automation

Why is there a common trend for automation everywhere in the world today? Not because we all turn into soulless robots. The only reason for it is that it is in human nature to seek maximum comfort. And once you’ve realized how easier and freer the automated process is, you will never want to turn back to manual labor.

CRM Implementation as the First Step in Client Loss Prevention

Any sphere of business, dealing in this or that point with clients, needs a total control, whether you want it or not. You may continuously resist regulation and planning, refuse from corporate platforms and organized reporting system, but eventually it will lead to a bunch of mismatches, lost clients, failed sales and chaotic excel files with databases...

 Pros and Cons of Standard Marketplace Solutions for Website Development

Often, when developing a new site with “1C Bitrix” CMS, we can face a dilemma: is it better to create a unique site or to use a standard marketplace solution?

There are both obvious and not so obvious features connected with this issue. Let’s try to have a glance at them in this article.

What Self-hosted Bitrix24 is for and What Can Be Done with the Cloud

It often happens that the clients do not have a clear idea why, for realization of their demands and requests, they have to switch from a cloud version of a product to a self-hosted one.

Drawbacks of Standard Reports in Bitrix24

When dealing with CRM entities, we might need to create different variations of reports. Bitrix24 provides a constructor enabling various types of reports and graphs. Though there can be observed some drawbacks which limit task implementation. In this article, we will discuss the problems which might occur when using reports constructor.

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